Feel the Bead: Awesome 15 Seed Bead Jewelry Designs

Seed Bead Designs for Beginners and Pros

Jewelry-making can be a therapeutic activity to promote psychological well-being or even your overall wellness. To make it more fun and less expensive, seed beads are one of the most common and easy-to-find materials to make DIY jewelry. What you can do as a start is to go for a trip to a craft store to get your materials and look for seed bead jewelry designs on the internet.

If you are a beginner or a pro that has been looking for seed-bead designs, you have come to the right place—sharing with you these 15 cute seed bead jewelry designs and patterns to start healing yet exciting activities you can do by yourself or with the help of your loved one.

15 Seed Bead Jewelry Ideas


15 Seed Bead Jewelry Ideas

These seed bead design ideas are categorized by the kind of jewelry. These ideas are great for beginners and can stimulate new ideas for pros. These are the best free beading patterns I have collected for you:

Seed Bead Necklaces

  1. Checkered doughnut necklace 
Checkered doughnut necklace 

This design will give you a simple with intricate details in the middle. It’s nice to have a necklace that is not beaded throughout its whole string. You can use other pendants with colors that you like or that match your outfit. The pattern of the beaded part is a combination of herringbone and peyote beading patterns. Try this design by Rachel Zaimont with instructions on this link: beadaholique.com

  1. Seed Bead Floral Chain

This design is perfect when you are donning a strapless cocktail dress or wearing a tube top and denim pants. You may think that this is very tricky to make but if you check on the Beading Arts website, you will realize that it’s not difficult at all if you follow the step-by-step process by Cyndi L. 

Seed Bead Floral Chain
  1. Single String with Pendant
Single String with Pendant

This design is the easiest because it just requires the seed beads to be lined up in a single string and a bead pendant to be added in the middle. The Craftaholic Witch used a teardrop-shaped bead as a pendant but you can replace it with any available bead pendant you have that matches the necklace’s design.

  1. Twirled Collar Necklace
Twirled Collar Necklace

You will love this design because of its simplicity. But with the unique formation of the seed beads, you can wear this at parties or even on an ordinary workday in the office. This design uses acrylic seed beads with silver lock and is 21 inches long. Get this now here: link.

  1. Seed Bead Chain Necklace

This design is very simple and light with its pastel green beads. You can use other color combinations though and still come up with this kind of design. All you need are your colored beads, a thread and a step-by-step guide by Emma. Click here.

Seed Bead Chain Necklace

Seed Bead Bracelets

  1. Vermont in Autumn Bracelet
Vermont in Autumn Bracelet

The color of the beads and the beading patterns make up its name as autumn bracelet. This design by Rachel Zaimont features multi-colored round seed beads embellished with dimensional brick stitch accents that make the pattern pop.

  1. Woven Stars Seed Beads Bracelet 

This statement piece may look fancy but this is purely handmade from white and gold seed beads that were put together to form a thick and classy bangle. It has an adjustable lock with tassels on each end. This design can be worn every day and on special occasions. 

Get it here: link

Woven Stars Seed Beads Bracelet 
  1. Lacy Beaded Bracelet

This design is inspired by Victorian-era trims and jewelry with the peyote stitch pattern. This might be delicate to look at but this lacy beading has a sturdy base. This design from interweave.com is a great option to give to a special friend as a gift. 

Lacy Beaded Bracelet
  1. Multi-Layered Seed Bead Bangle
Multi-Layered Seed Bead Bangle

This multi-layered bracelet is made through a simple pattern repeated multiple times to form a thick bangle. Its wooden lock makes the design more unique and perfect for everyday use. It has a total length of 21 cm with about 3.5cm width. Get this bracelet here: COIRIS Multi Layers Seed Beads

  1. Golden Olives Peyote Bracelet
Golden Olives Peyote Bracelet

Nothing beats the simple yet elegant vibe that gold brings. This bracelet designed by Kat Silvia from beadaholique.com uses a traditional odd count peyote technique with an added twist. Try this design now by following the steps here

Seed Bead Earrings

  1. Skyward Sparrow Earrings

This design follows a circular brick stitch beading pattern with silver charms in the middle. This look is ideal for garden parties or city-wide festivals with the frisky vibe that the charm and aqua blue beads bring. You can do this yourself too with the instructions here

Skyward Sparrow Earrings
  1. Ombre Window Earrings in Jelly Bean
Ombre Window Earrings in Jelly Bean

Brick stitch always brings up a youthful kind of energy making everyone who wears this design look young and dynamic. Expand your bead weaving skills by trying this design and producing striking earrings with radiant shades of pink. Click here for a quick guide,

  1. Tribal Seed Bead Fringe Earrings
Tribal Seed Bead Fringe Earrings

Seed beads are a popular material in making tribal-inspired accessories and jewelry. This design brings so much femininity with the lush pink beads. You can try this design using other colors and bead shapes. For a step-by-step tutorial, click here.

  1. Colorful Beaded Dangle

These earrings are quite similar to the previous one with their tribal-themed designs. This Nathan earring beading pattern will let you explore endless possibilities of color combinations. This design was completed using a combination of ladder stitch, two drop brick stitch, and fringe. Click here for a more detailed tutorial.

Colorful Beaded Dangle
  1. Long Beaded Tassel Earrings
Long Beaded Tassel Earrings

This type of earring is one of those pieces of jewelry that will never go out of style. Especially with its gold beads and white details, this is wearable on formal occasions and can be a luxuriant piece to wear in beauty pageants or talent competitions. You may add this to your collection of designs or simply get this piece here: Beaded Earrings


Have you found the best design for you yet? If you are a huge fan of seed beads and jewelry-making, these 15 seed bead jewelry designs can hopefully complete your list. This list is a combination of simple and intricate designs you can do as a fun and exciting activity whenever you need a break from office work and home chores.