Is leather jewelry the new trend? — 5 Ideas What Design To Start With

Leather is still a very popular material for making jewelry, especially bracelets. Having to wear those leather jewelry gives you that retro, countryside classy effect which gives an edge among other people in the room!

Making your own jewelry is just a worthwhile feeling of proudness and pride.

Jewelry made out of leather has become the current trend of some jewelry makers. Because of this material’s adaptability, jewelry may be made in a wide variety of designs and aesthetics.

Top 5 Leather Jewelry Styles You Could Try

#1 Leather Watches

Leather Watches

This $300 Watch Strap is Made from Scraps

Leather watches will never go out of style even if generations will pass. Leather watch straps are so easy to make and will surely look expensive on you! 

#2 Leather Studded Bracelets

Leather Studded Bracelets

DIY| How to make a studded leather wrap bracelet | CuteNailPolishArt

Do you want to wear leather bracelets but worry that they’ll make your outfit seem too tough? When making a leather bracelet, make sure to do one that already has a snap fastener so that you can devote your attention to the unique details rather than the hassle of affixing one.

#3 Leather Tassels

Leather Tassels

TASSEL DIY with faux leather | How to create a faux leather tassel keychain

Earrings with moving, jingling tassels have caused quite a stir on the runway as of recently. If you like tassels and leather, why not make a leather tassel? My one tip—It’s best to use a single, large tassel and suspend it from a fine chain like this one to ensure that the tassel remains the focal point.

#4 Leather Earring and Bracelet Combination

Leather Earring and Bracelet Combination

How To Make Leather Earrings 3 Unique Ways!

A set of earrings and necklace is the real deal! This video features three easy-to-do DIY patterns that are great for personal use, resale, or giving as presents. There’s also a great tip for making leather earring without a cutter. Make a bold impression with minimal effort with this straightforward method for making boho jewelry!

#5 Leather Braided Bracelet

Leather Braided Bracelet

Leather Mystery Braid Cuff, Making a Magic Braid Bracelet #leathercraft

Braided bracelets that are leather in material will never go out of passion. Almost everyone has that phase in life when they were trying to use and add braided leather bracelets to their fashion style. Learn how to make this braided bracelet and start finding your passion for jewelry making.

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