Easy Wrap Bracelets Project Ideas To Start With!

Braided leather bracelets
Braided leather bracelets with beads in the store. photo on the open diaphragm.

You can never have too many bracelets! Wrap bracelets are one of the most favored bracelet styles, especially during warm weather.

 Running out of new DIY bracelet ideas? Do not worry! We have tons of wrap bracelet patterns, and I’ve rounded up my favorites to inspire you!

Boho Leather Wrap Bracelet

Boho Leather Wrap Bracelet

Boho never gets out of the talk! Whether you are doing a retro vibe or just a casual one, boho leather wrap bracelets suit the environment. It’s very simple to experiment on boho leathers, check out this video for a tutorial: Simple Leather Wrap Bracelet: Easy Jewelry Tutorial.

Stone Wrap Bracelet

Stone, whether natural or artificial, looks very nice as jewelry. If you haven’t tried precious stones on your jewelry list, you may try to create your own and follow this video tutorial: How to Create a Beaded Stone & Cord Wrapped Bracelet.

Mosaic Wrap Bracelet

Mosaic Wrap Bracelets are new to the eyes of many. Want to stand out? Try making this mosaic wrap bracelet. Easy directions and availability of materials are also posted.

Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Beaded Wrap Bracelets are one of the most go-to DIY bracelets. Once you start and begin your hobby as a jewelry maker, beaded wrap bracelets are sure to be included in your completed projects. Be sure to check out Beck Stern’s video Beaded Wrap Bracelet // Becky Stern. 

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