10 Easy and Low-Cost DIY Jewelry Ideas

Unique DIY Jewelry Designs for Beginners

Jewelry is one of the most precious things women or even men possess that holds a special spot in their closet. Girls, even if they already have plenty of them, just can’t get enough of collecting pieces of jewelry, whether from gifts or something purchased out of their pocket. But if you’d like to have more, you can actually make them yourself—DIY jewelry is hip nowadays and what’s even better is that you can personalize and design them however you want.

Here are the best DIY jewelry ideas that will surely intensify the creativity in you. Enhance your craftsmanship with these DIY jewelry ideas and make your first collection of handmade jewelry in no time!

10 Easy and Low-Cost DIY Jewelry Ideas


10 Easy and Low-Cost DIY Jewelry Ideas

  1. Hoop Tassel Earrings

They may look small but tassel earrings can give a significant effect when worn. Even if you are just wearing a plain top or dress, tassel earrings add another layer of style that enhances your overall look. 

These are easy to make if you have the proper tools and materials such as the hoop earring findings, earring hooks and embroidery floss for the tassels. See more details here: madeinaday.com.

Hoop Tassel Earrings
  1. DIY Spike Ring

This cool design will give you an illusion of real spikes but this is just lightweight and really easy to make. You just have to connect your cone-shaped beads to a wire and form a ring! You’ll have unique and funky jewelry in less than 5 minutes! Just follow the steps by ohohdeco.com and get your materials ready including cone-shaped beads and string.

Spike Ring
  1. Classic DIY Daisy Chain Bracelet
Daisy Chain Bracelet

This design is usually the first piece that beginners mostly come up with. Its classic look makes the wearer look young because of the youthful vibe the daisy and the pastel-colored seed beads bring. 

This is so easy to make that you’ll just connect the beads into a single string. Just make sure you have your materials ready like:

Seed beads in different colors, flower charms, flat back beads and strings.

  1. Dangling Bead Statement Necklace
Dangling Bead Statement Necklace

This may look like a complicated project but this is actually a beginner-friendly design by skillshare.com. This design is great for beginners because it only requires you to attach the beads to a chain. 

Start making yours by following their instructions with these materials:

Chains for jewelry-making
Metallic round beads
Tube spacer beads

  1. Leather and Layered Bead Bracelets
Leather and Layered Bead Bracelets

If you are a mix-and-match kind of person, you will surely love this design. What’s great about this design is that you can make and wear one at a time but they are also best when worn all together. I Always Pick the Thimble shows an amazing tutorial for this with snapshots of the steps on how to follow this design. 

  1. DIY Marbled Clay Pendant Necklace

Any jewelry with gold in it should never be absent from my list. I love how simple yet elegant this design is and is perfect for both casual and dressy outfits. You can make long and short necklaces with these clay pendants and wear them at the same time. This is unique among other designs because the pendant is made of clay. This design from abeautifulmess.com also gives you a tutorial on how to make this clay pendant. Apart from that, other materials are readily available elsewhere like gold chain necklaces and clasps and gold pendant bails.

Marbled Clay Pendant Necklace
  1. DIY Wine Cork Necklace

Jewelry-making is indeed a fun activity but you can make it entertaining plus helping to save mother earth by reusing some unused materials you have at home—wine cork for example. 

This will look cute, especially when matched with a nice bead pendant and coloring the cork with paint. Follow diys.com’s instructions here.

Wine Cork Necklace
  1. Silver Stacking Rings

I think it’s fair to assume that you have seen this kind of design before. Stacking rings are really lovely but they tend to be pricey too. If you can’t buy them, make them instead! Skillshare.com shares a tutorial on how you can make your own stacking rings. Once you’ll start making one, I’m pretty sure it’s quite hard to get out of it. 

Silver Stacking Rings
  1. Rainbow Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet
Rainbow Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

Another design that’s unique while using extra materials at home is this safety pin bracelet. What’s even better is that you won’t need any tools in making this DIY bracelet. Just a bunch of colorful crystal seed beads, safety pins and a string! Here’s how to do it. 

  1. DIY Pearl Drop Earrings

There’s nothing more elegant than a gold and pearl combination. This design gives a fresh breeze to your summer look and can best match your white flowy dress. This is just so easy to make and costs way lower than buying them at a jewelry store.


Anyone with or without an innate talent in crafts and arts can make their own jewelry. With passion and the right patience, these are surely achievable. No matter if you think this isn’t your cup of tea, you can still try by starting with the easiest design there is, coupled with the easiest-to-find materials available near you.