5 Inspirations to Start Your DIY Button Jewelry!

Do you have overflowing spare buttons on your workstation and can’t decide whether to throw them or not? Well, if you’re resourceful and creative enough, one can make DIY button jewelry to help save Mother Earth from degradation. 

Top 5 Inspiration DIY Button Jewelry

  1. Ring Button
Ring Button

Youtube Video Tutorial:

Create silly play rings from recycled buttons. Easy to do yet a fun project!.

  1. Button Bracelet
Button Bracelet

Youtube Video Tutorial:

Aiming for that hipster style look? Accessorize it with button bracelets. Look cool and fantastic with the complete get up!

  1. Button Earrings
Button Earrings

Youtube Video Tutorial:

It’s so easy to make these cute button earrings. Your only obstacle is in jump rings but once you know how to open and close a jump ring, then there’s nothing that can stop you! 

  1. Button Necklaces
Button Necklaces

Youtube Video Tutorial:

Button necklaces are so fun and colorful to watch. Modify the size, theme and color of your buttons to blend in with the occasion you’re wearing your DIY button jewelry necklace. 

  1. Button Hair Clips
Button Hair Clips

Youtube Video Tutorial:

Beautiful and creative clips to customize and accessorize your everyday hair clip! Let your goofy side reveal itself!

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