10 Stylish and Beautiful Bracelet Ideas With Beads

If there are accessories that will never go out of style—one of them I should say, would be beaded bracelets. There could be several fashion statements we have come across but bracelets with beads are something we girls just can’t stop loving, can we? 

Whether you’re looking for bracelet ideas with beads to pass time, or making one as a gift or something to wear, this article brings you a variety of concepts you can try. These 10 cute bracelet ideas with beads can help you make several pieces and decide which ones to wear and to give away to friends or your family members.

10 Cute Bracelet Ideas With Beads


10 Cute Bracelet Ideas With Beads

  1. Oil Diffuser Beads Bracelets
Oil Diffuser Beads Bracelets

This kind of bracelet not only gives you a hip look but also gives you comfort and wellness because of the aromatherapy that the beads bring. This multipurpose bracelet is best for those who have anxiety or if you just simply want to bring a good aura in you. To make this kind of bracelet, you need to gather first your essential oils, lava stone beads, spacer beads (optional), and strings. 

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  1. Beaded Friendship Bracelets
Beaded Friendship Bracelets

This can be the easiest kind because you are free to use any beads you prefer or even leftover beads can pull it off. You may need to double your materials to cover two or more pieces for you and your recipient. There are many ways to make friendship bracelets but you can try these DIY instructions by Kelly.

  1. Leather Beaded Bracelets
Leather Beaded Bracelets

To give a twist to your beaded bracelets, you can add leather strings or other leather materials to your pieces. This style will also look nice for men. What you will need for this kind of bracelet are beads, stretchy elastic, leather strap, and tacky glue.

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  1. Ethno Boho Beaded Bracelets
Ethno Boho Beaded Bracelets

These can be the most common type you often see at craft stores. Bracelets with tiny beads might be trickier to make because you need more of them plus they are too tiny for your hands to grab and connect each bead. But your pieces for these will be so worth it and all your efforts will surely pay off once you see the finished product.

  1. Gemstone Beads Bracelets
Gemstone Beads Bracelets

If you want to make your piece look fancy and simple at the same time, try this style and use the finest gemstone beads set there is. The natural hues of gemstone beads will give bracelets a cool and pleasant look. You will need gemstone beads, silver-colored wire, a silver-colored clasp, and chain-nose pliers, to make this design. This kind of bracelet can be worn on formal and informal occasions.

  1. Braided Beads Bracelets
Braided Beads Bracelets

This style might take too much of your time and effort but the output will be extraordinary and fab! It isn’t just the usual beads connected in a single lined string but the intricate details and process of this design will make your bracelet stand out. The cheese thief will show you how to do this project by yourself.

  1. Buttons and Beads Bracelets
Buttons and Beads Bracelets

For a change, try this idea from Love to Know. You can use other materials to add to your bracelets like buttons. Not only will it save you money (since you can use extra buttons from your mom’s sewing kit) but it also gives a unique and awesome look to your DIY accessory.

  1. Turquoise Beaded Ring Bracelets
Turquoise Beaded Ring Bracelets

This style from Anuschka Rees is something unique yet elegant. If you want a bracelet and a ring at the same time, this is the perfect choice for you. This design is made of crystal-like beads mixed with turquoise ones making it a great piece of jewelry you can pair up with your summer or cocktail dresses. 

  1. Pearl Beads Bracelets
Pearl Beads Bracelets

Pearl beads look simple yet fancy. They are best to make a bracelet and wear whenever you feel so girly in a flowy dress. Add other materials like tassels or gemstone beads in between the pearls and it will surely give you a pretty summer look.

  1. Double Chain Beaded Bracelets
Double Chain Beaded Bracelets

This design might be too difficult to make but with extra time, patience and effort, you can also do it by yourself! This perfectly goes well as your daily jewelry or as a thanksgiving gift for a friend! Just follow the step-by-step process by Sandra D. Halpenny.


Hand-made items like bracelets are the best ones to give especially to your loved ones as they are like carrying your presence whenever they are worn. These bracelet ideas with beads are great for someone who is so artsy and has a high interest in making DIY jewelry as a hobby or even as a business.