Beginner’s Checklist: Essential Leatherworking Tools

Leatherworking is the craft involving and transforming raw leather into decorative and aesthetic signature pieces. Yes, it’s giving the retro vibes but it really does not go out of the fashion trend!

From wallets to bags, to belts, to shoes, and beyond, leather offers a level of durability and versatility that makes it a favorite material for many people! Making it an interesting craft to master.

If you’re just starting out, it can be challenging to figure out which leatherworking tools to invest in. This article will take a look at some unique and essential leatherworking tools for beginners that can help you start your leather crafting journey.

  1. Scratch Awl
red awl

A scratch awl is a small, pointed tool that is used to mark lines on the leather before cutting or stitching. This tool can be especially useful for beginners as it helps ensure accuracy in the project.

 A scratch awl is also helpful for making holes in the leather for stitching or adding decorative elements.

  1.  Bone Folder

A bone folder is a tool that is used to crease and fold the leather. It is made of polished bone or plastic, and it can be used to create sharp, crisp folds in the leather. 

This tool is essential for creating professional-looking edges and folds.

  1. Wing Dividers

Wing dividers are an essential tool for marking and measuring the leather. 

Common uses include making parallel lines, marking the distance between stitches, and measuring the length of a piece of leather. The leather may be decorated with the help of wing dividers.

  1. Strap Cutter
Strap Cutter

A strap cutter is a tool that is used to cut leather into long, narrow strips. This tool can be especially helpful for making straps, handles, and other long, straight pieces of leather. A strap cutter is also useful for creating consistent widths in the leather.

  1. Leather Burnisher
Leather Burnisher

The edges of leather may be polished and made to look brand new with the help of a leather burnisher. You may use it to give the leather a polished sheen and keep the edges from unraveling. Edge dye or finish can also be applied to the leather using a burnisher.

  1. Edge Groover
Edge Groover

An edge groover is a tool that is used to create a groove along the edge of the leather. This groove is then used to make stitching easier and helps ensure that the stitches are even and straight. 

An edge groover is a valuable tool for beginners who are learning to stitch leather.

  1. Leather Skiving Knife
Leather Skiving Knife

A leather skiving knife is used to thin down the thickness of the leather. It can be especially helpful for creating rounded edges, reducing bulk, or making the leather more flexible. 

A skiving knife is a versatile tool that is used throughout the leather crafting process.

  1. Leather Hole Punch
Leather Hole Punch

A leather hole punch is an essential tool for creating holes in the leather. It can be used to make holes for stitching, adding hardware, or creating decorative designs. 

A hole punch is available in different sizes and shapes to suit the specific needs of the project.

  1. Leather Edge Paint
Leather Edge Paint

Leather edge paint is a special type of paint that is used to color the edges of the leather. It can be used to create a polished look and to help protect the edges from wear and tear. Edge paint is available in a variety of colors and finishes to match the leather and the project.

Key Takeaways

Investing in good quality tools will help you start your leather crafting journey and create beautiful, functional, or decorative projects that you can be proud of. 

Whether you’re making your first wallet or your hundredth bag, these tools will help you achieve the results you want. So, get started, experiment with these tools, and enjoy the creativity and satisfaction that comes with leatherworking!

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