Bead Crochet—What Is It and Top 3 Products You Can Make

When you learn how to crochet with beads, you give your craft a whole new look. People like to make jewelry with bead crochet. But did you know there are plenty more ways to enjoy your very own new craft? Scroll on.

What is a Bead Crochet?

Bead crochet is a type of crochet in which beads are worked into the fabric. This method is used initially to make accessories for women look more appealing.

How is a Bead Crochet made?

How is a Bead Crochet made?

Bead crochet is usually done handmade, however existing machinery to mass produce Bead Crochets is also utilized, but is not necessary in the jewelry industry.

Bead crochet is typically made by first threading beads onto a length of uncut crochet thread. 

To secure beads to thread, most artists use a beading needle or a dot of transparent nail paint. The crocheter will then move one bead down at specific intervals and integrate it into the cloth. 

Bead order and crochet pattern must be finalized before production can begin for pre-stringing. 

Top 3 Uses of Bead Crochet Patterns

  1. Crochet Beaded Necklace
Crochet Beaded Necklace

how to crochet beaded necklace tutorial for beginners

Bead Crochet necklaces are over the top corner! These sassy jewelries make such a fine, subtle but elegant aura to the wearer. With the proper color combination and styles, it would change and complete your whole look! 

  1. Bags
Crochet Bags


This crochet-bead relationship is also seen in many people. Even in small purses and big bags, the crochet-bead is back to its game. 

  1. Earrings
Crochet Earrings


I know what you’re thinking. Earrings are so overrated but crochet beads are a head turner for some people. Yes, it is not as expensive as diamond earrings, but a well crocheted and skillful maneuver of the twist and turns of crocheting makes it as valuable as the same other earrings that exist.

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