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Aromatherapy spotlight
Jewelry used for aromatherapy is new to me, but the practice is ancient. Nearly 3,000 years before Christ, Egyptian people used similar practices in their daily lives. Aromatic oils were worn, used in homes, and played an essential role in embalming. The use of oils as aromatherapy spread throughout the Old World, and was often used to combat disease. Who can forget the hooded doctors who battled the Black Plague with herbs in their beak-like masks? Today aromatherapy is used all over the world, in hospitals, offices, homes, and worn in jewelry.

Early aromatherapy PlagueDoctor
Plague doctors placed herbs in the end of their masks, hoping to purify the air and prevent them from breathing in foul air.
Auromatherapy vial by OilAboutYou
OilAboutYou offers unique jewelry options, plus small vials of essential oils such as this Sweet & Cheerful essential oil blend.
What You Should be Looking for in aromatherapy jewelry supplies?

When purchasing aromatherapy jewelry supplies, keep in mind that most suppliers sell pieces separately. You will need to purchase essential oils, a locket or cage, a bead or insert to hold the oil (felt circles or porous beads made from lava, clay, or wood are commonly used), and a chain or beaded necklace to hold the locket.

I purchased my locket and inserts through Fire Mountain Gems, which has an informative page on aromatherapy and the jewelry supplies, but no oil.

Another good place to search for supplies is etsy, since they offer one-of-a-kind options and many are prepackaged will all the components. OilAboutYou has unique jewelry options, plus small vials of essential oils.

I used two drops of oil and can still smell it after a week. The oil I used was from ArtNaturals, which is known for its purity in their essential oils.


I found the 37 x 30 mm hinged locket substantial in weight with a sturdy build. The magnetic closure is invisible to the eye and works unfalteringly. The Celtic design is unisex -- my son enjoyed wearing and testing as much as I did. Another bonus is that the locket is made of stainless steel so it will not discolor or oxidize, and can be easily cleaned for switching inserts.

I can’t say that I feel more empowered, but the locket does smell great, even after a week of use. The felt inserts add a nice punch of color to the locket, but the white ceramic insert works equally well. It’s a fun conversation piece that I would recommend, and makes a great gift for a friend.

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