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Wire-wrapped ring bracelet or earrings

Colorful Soochow jade beads pop beautifully against brass components for a bracelet and earring combo!

Allison Hoffmann’s wire-wrapped earrings, aptly titled “For the dew will rust,” remind me of droplets clinging to a spiderweb on an early summer morning. The wirework technique is so fun and easy, I wrapped a whole row of rings for a matching bracelet.


  • 5 25 mm brass rings
  • 5 8 mm round beads 
  • 5 6 mm round beads 
  • 25 3 mm bicone crystals
  • 50 in. (1.3 m) 26-gauge wire
  • 5 9 mm figure-8 connectors
  • 3 7 mm jump rings
  • hook clasp
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers, or 2 pairs of chainnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters

Brass rings from Fusion Beads, Check your local bead store for supplies.


1. Cut a 10-in. (25 cm) piece of 26-gauge wire. Wrap one end four or five times around a brass ring and string an 8 mm and a 6 mm round bead. Wrap the wire four or five times around the ring, directly across from the first set of wraps.
2. String two bicone crystals and wrap the wire around the ring, halfway between the wraps from step 1.
3. Wrap the wire once around the wire crossing the ring, between the 8 mm and 6 mm. String three crystals and wrap the wire four or five times around the ring, across from the previous wraps. Trim the excess wire and press the tail close to the ring. Make five wire-wrapped rings.
4. Open a loop of a figure-8 connector and attach a ring. Close the loop. Repeat with the other loop of the connector. Continue attaching rings with connectors.
5. Open a 7 mm jump ring and attach an end ring and a loop of a connector. Close the jump ring. On the other end, use two jump rings to attach a hook clasp.
Allison dangled charms from rings that match the bracelet. For variation, I strung some inspiration with “believe” rings.
Earring option 1
Earring option 2

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