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Star of David pendant

This lovely piece made with circular netting creates a stunning statement for Hanukkah. 
Star of David supplies cropped 2
Star of David supplies 1

Add a hanger to make a lovely window decoration or ornament perfect for any holiday gathering.


Blue/silver pendant, 2 1⁄4 in. (57 mm) 

  • 18 4 x 9 mm Miyuki rectangle beads, bronze metallic
  • 13 8 x 5 mm GemDuo beads, pearl-shine azuro
  • 1 18 mm Czech glass cabochon, opaque lapis
  • 1 g size 11/0 seed beads, silver
  • 3 g size 15/0 seed beads, silver
  • 1 g 2.2 x 1 mm Miyuki spacer bead, iris blue
  • beading thread, 8-lb. test, smoke
  • beading needle, #10 or 12
  • scissors or thread cutter
Star of David figure 1


In order to have the GemDuos facing the right way up, it is important to know which hole to use, and from which side to pick up each bead. Lay the required GemDuo beads on your work surface with the flat side down and the holes running horizontally. Instructions will tell you sew through the upper or lower hole (FIGURE 1).

Star of David figure 2
1. Cut 5 ft. (1.5 m) of beading thread, and attach a needle to one end. Pick up a repeating pattern of a GemDuo (lower hole) from the right-hand side and a rectangle bead six times. Sew through all of the beads again to form a ring. Slide the ring of beads towards the end of the thread, leaving a 2-in. (5 cm) tail.  Pull the thread snug. Tie the ends into a secure square knot.

Sew through the first GemDuo again. Pass the thread behind the GemDuo, and sew through the upper hole, from the right-hand side. The thread will form a Z-shape at the back of the bead, on the flat side (FIGURE 2, a–b, green).  
Star of David figure 3
2.  Pick up a rectangle bead, a GemDuo (upper hole, right-hand side), two 15/0 seed beads, a size 11/0 seed bead, and two 15/0s. Sew through the other hole of the GemDuo. Pick up a rectangle bead, and sew through the open hole of the next GemDuo in the first ring of beads, from the right-hand side (FIGURE 3, a–b, blue). Repeat a–b five more times. Retrace the thread path of this round (FIGURE 3, b–c, purple).

Note:  For extra stability, you may like to sew through all of the beads in this round once more. If you plan to make a reversible star, do not stitch tightly. 
Star of David figure 4
3.  Pick up four 15/0s, a spacer, an 11/0, a spacer, and four 15/0s.  Sew through the GemDuo at the adjacent tip of the star, the five seed beads across the top of the GemDuo and the other hole of the GemDuo (FIGURE 4, a–b, green). Pick up four 15/0s, a spacer, an 11/0, a spacer, and four 15/0s. Sew through the outer hole of the next GemDuo in the first ring of beads (FIGURE 4, b–c, orange).

Repeat a–b–c five more times around the star. Pass the needle to the back of the work. Sew through the second hole of the same GemDuo that the thread is leaving, in the same direction as the first round. Once again the thread will form a Z shape behind the bead, on the flat side (FIGURE 4, c–d, purple). Bring the needle and thread to the front of the work.
Star of David figure 5
4.  Pick up four 15/0s, a spacer and an 11/0.  Sew through the adjacent two 11/0s that were added in the previous round and the 11/0 just picked up, forming a small triangle with these three 11/0s. Make sure that the thread has formed a ring through the three 11/0s. If you are working in a counter-clockwise direction, this small ring will be stitched in a clockwise direction.

Pick up a spacer and four 15/0s. Sew through the inner hole of the next GemDuo in the first ring of beads (FIGURE 5, a–b, green). Repeat a–b five more times around the star, and then sew through the next rectangle bead and GemDuo (FIGURE 5, b–c, orange). Bring the needle and thread to the back of the work, and turn it over.
For the rest of the instructions, as well as the supply lists and instructions to make the stunning variations shown below, be sure to download or print this project's FREE PDF!
Star of David copper variation
copper variation
Star of David reversible variationjpg
Reversible variation
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