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Geometric maze bracelet

A stunning square stitch pattern that could also be worked on a loom
Geometric maze bracelet 02
I am fascinated by mazes, whether they’re drawn on paper or created out of standing corn stalks or boxwood hedges. The reality of having only one way in and one way out, with multiple opportunities for sidetracks or diversions, is a simplified reflection of life.
Geometric maze bracelet pattern

Worked in square stitch with 11/0 cylinder beads, the finished bracelet measures 7 1⁄8 x 1 3⁄8 in. (18.2 x 3.5 cm). You can also use a loom to work all but the last nine rows on the keyhole-end of the bracelet. If you go this route, use square stitch to work the last nine rows as three tabs. Connect the tabs in the last two rows to create the openings for the toggle-bar closure. Stitch through the two end rows a few times to reinforce them.

On the other end of the bracelet, you’ll attach a pair of toggle bars. To make each toggle bar, work a strip of square stitch that is 12 beads wide by four rows tall. Form a tube by folding the beadwork in half, and work a square stitch thread path through the end rows. Work another strip of square stitch two cylinders wide by five cylinders long, and attach one end to the center of the toggle bar. Attach each toggle bar to the fourth row from this end of the bracelet, starting five beads from each edge.


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