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Floral brooch

Weave colorful netted posies

Stylishly retro, fast, and fun, these flower brooches are a breeze to make. Pin them on hats, scarves, jackets, shoes, and shirts singly or in clusters. When choosing beads, almost anything goes. Select a color, then find beads of different shades, cuts, and finishes. 


Flower brooch, 2 x 2 in. (5 x 5cm)

  • 1g seed beads, size 11/0, 5–9 different shades 
  • 1g Japanese seed beads, size 8/0 to match 11/0s
  • Silamide or Nymo D conditioned with beeswax or Thread Heaven
  • beading needles, #12
  • safety pin or pinback


Flower base

Floral brooch figure 1
Figure 1
Floral brooch a
Photo a

1. Thread your needle with a yard (91cm) of Silamide. If you are using Nymo, work with a yard of doubled thread.

2. Stitch the flower’s base as follows:

Round 1: String an 8/0 and an 11/0 six times, leaving a 6-in. (15cm) tail (figure 1, a–b). Sew through all the beads plus the first 8/0 again (b–c) to form a circle.

Round 2: Pick up one 8/0 (c–d), go through the previous 8/0, then go through the new 8/0 again (d–e). Pick up three 11/0s and one 8/0 (e–f). Go through the next 8/0 on round 1 and back through the last 8/0 on round 2 (f–g). Repeat until you have picked up a total of 24 beads and are back at point d.

Rounds 3–6: Work as in round 2, but pick up five 11/0s in round 3, nine 11/0s in round 4, 12 11/0s in round 5, and 15 11/0s in round 6 (FIGURE 1 and PHOTO A).

Floral brooch figure 2
Figure 2
Floral brooch b
Photo b


1. Weave through the beads to reach round 1 on the base. Exit an 8/0.

2. Add three layers of beads on top of each base round. Use different shades of 11/0s for each petal layer.

Round 1: Pick up three 11/0s, then go through the next 8/0 on the base round (FIGURE 2, a–b). Repeat around to point a. Make a second layer, passing through the same 8/0s but picking up four 11/0s. Repeat for a third layer, but pick up five 11/0s (FIGURE 2 and PHOTO B).

Floral brooch figure 3
Figure 3
Floral brooch c
Photo c

Round 2: Go through an 8/0 on the next base round (FIGURE 3, a–b). Pick up five 11/0s, then go through the 8/0 on the base round (b–c). Repeat around to point b. Make the second layer with six 11/0s between 8/0s. Make the third layer with seven 11/0s between 8/0s (FIGURE 3).

Round 3: Go through an 8/0 on the next base round. Pick up eight 11/0s for the first layer, nine 11/0s for the second, and ten 11/0s for the third (PHOTO C).

Round 4: Work as in the previous rounds, but pick up 11 11/0s, 12 11/0s, then 13 11/0s for each layer.

Round 5: Repeat, but pick up 14 11/0s, 15 11/0s, then 16 11/0s.

Round 6: Repeat, but pick up 17 11/0s, 18 11/0s, then 19 11/0s.

Floral brooch d
Photo d
Floral brooch e
Photo e

Pin attachments

I like the durability of a safety pin, but feel free to opt for a pinback. Use the thread tails to sew the pin onto the back of the flower (PHOTO D). Go through the 8/0s and thread bridges, but do not sew through the 11/0s. Weave in the tails, knot them with half-hitches, then trim the excess thread.

Editor’s note: For a center variation, use bugles for the first petal layer (PHOTO E). Pick up a bugle and 11/0 seed bead. Skip the seed, sew through the bugle again, then go through a base bead. Repeat around. After all the petal layers are added, the bugles stand up, resembling stamen.

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