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Slide pendant

Construct a sturdy slide with crystal or pearl accents

The solid form that cubic right-angle weave produces allows many design elements. When you stack rows and layers of this stitch, you can build this fashionable slide to slip onto any cord or chain.


Both slides

  • Fireline 4 lb. test or nylon beading thread, size D
  • beading needles, #12 

Crystal slide

  • 648 2 mm round silver beads 
  • 42 2 mm round crystals

Pearl slide

  • 300 2 mm round beads
  • 24 3 mm rice pearls


Slide pendant fig 1
Figure 1

I used 8/0 seed beads for the slide in the photos, and made each layer a different color for clarity. The photos show only the basic stitch without crystal or pearl embellishments.

Crystal slide

The crystal slide is made up of 10 layers (FIGURE 1), each of which is four rows across and four rows deep. To make the slide, you’ll work one layer at a time, beginning with the back surface of the first layer. Only the front surface is embellished with crystals.

Slide pendant 1
Photo a
Slide pendant 2
Photo b
Slide pendant 3
Photo c

1. On a comfortable length of Fireline or thread, pick up four 2 mm round beads, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Working in cubic right-angle weave, make a row four cubes long (PHOTO A).

2. Working off the first row, make a second and third row of cubic right-angle weave.

3. To stitch the fourth row, refer to figure 1 to determine the placement of the 2 mm round crystals. In this row, you will add two 2 mms, one in each of the two center stitches. This completes the first layer of the crystal slide (PHOTO B).

4. To work the second layer, stitch four rows of cubic right-angle weave off the first layer, beginning with the front surface and working toward the back (PHOTO C).

5. Work three more layers, adding and ending thread as needed.

Slide pendant 4
Photo d
Slide pendant 5
Photo e

6. Work the first row of the next layer. Skip the two middle rows by sewing through the beads in the previous layer, and then work the fourth row (PHOTO D). Repeat, adding a second row to the previous rows (PHOTO E).

Slide pendant 5
Photo f

7. Work all four rows in the next layer, closing the hole in the slide (PHOTO F). Work the last two layers.

8. Secure the working thread and tail in the beadwork with a few half-hitch knots, and trim. 

Pearl slide

1. Refer to steps 1–8 of “Crystal slide,” omitting the crystal embellishments. Ending and adding Fireline or thread as needed, work in cubic right-angle weave, using 2 mm round beads to make a slide five rows across, four rows deep, and seven layers high. In the sixth layer, work only the first and last rows to create an opening. Secure the working thread and tail, and trim.


Slide pendant fig 2
Figure 2

2. To add the pearl edging, secure 1 yd. (.9 m) of Fireline or thread in the beadwork, and exit between two edge beads on the front surface of the slide. Pick up a 3 mm rice pearl, and sew through the next edge bead. Repeat around the front edges of the slide (FIGURE 2). Secure the working thread and tail in the beadwork, and trim.

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