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Bead crochet rope necklace

Swap out the decorative dangle to get five different looks

Bead crochet is a favorite stitch for many reasons. It is relaxing and meditative, and it travels easily. So, what could be better than to take the basic rope necklace and dress it up with lots of floral fringe or make a statement with beautiful art-glass beads.


Necklace 16–19 in. (41–48cm)

  • silk thread, size FF
  • crochet needle, size #10
  • Fireline 6 lb. test
  • beading needles, #12
  • 30g size 8/0 seed beads
  • 2 3–4mm metal beads (to match clasp)
  • 2 8–10mm bead caps (bottom diameter)
  • S-clasp with soldered jump rings

Pearl fringe

  • 2 6–8mm crystals
  • 6 8mm pearls
  • 6 6mm crystals
  • 6 6mm pearls
  • 42 4mm pearls
  • 8 4mm spacers
  • 14 2mm metal beads 
  • 2 8–10mm end caps (bottom diameter)
  • glue (optional)


Bead crochet rope necklace a
Photo a

Crocheted rope

The base of this necklace is a 16–18 in. (41–46cm) crocheted rope. My base rope is worked using four 8/0 seed beads per round, approximately 48 8/0s per inch. When determining your desired length, keep in mind the fringed centerpiece rope will take up about 2 in. (5cm) of the base row’s length when it is knotted to the base.

1. String enough 8/0s on silk thread to make your base rope the desired length. Leaving an 8-in. (20cm) tail, work in single crochet. After you complete the last round, work one row of chain stitches, and pull the working thread through the last stitch, leaving an 8-in. tail.

2. Thread a needle on one tail. Sew into the center of the base rope, a few inches away from the end. Tie several half-hitch knots between the beads, and trim. Repeat with the other tail.

3. Secure 1 yd. (.9m) of Fireline in the base, and exit the center of the rope on one end. Pick up a bead cap, a 3–4mm metal bead, and the soldered jump ring of the S-clasp (PHOTO A). Sew back through the bead and the bead cap. Sew into the center of the rope, and make a few knots. Retrace the thread path twice to reinforce the clasp. Secure the tail as before, and trim. Repeat on the other end with a soldered jump ring.

4. Repeat step 1–2, to make a 7-in. (18cm) centerpiece rope. Then choose one of the following fringe options to finish the ends. 


For the pearl fringes, secure 3 yd. (2.7m) of Fireline, and exit one of the end 8/0s. Slide the end caps onto the ends of the centerpiece rope. When finished, the embellishments may hold the end caps in place, but if they don’t, dot glue on the inside of the end caps after all tails have been secured, slide the end caps into place, and let them dry. 

Pearl fringe

1. Pick up a bead cap, sewing through the large opening first. Pick up eight 4mm pearls, a 2mm bead or an 11/0 seed bead, an 8mm pearl, an 11/0, an 8mm, an 11/0, an 8mm, and an 11/0. Skip the 11/0, and sew through the remaining beads and into the rope. Exit the next end 8/0.

2. Pick three 4mm pearls, a 4mm spacer, a 6mm crystal, a 4mm spacer, a 4mm pearl, a 4mm spacer, a 6mm crystal, three 4mm pearls, a 2mm bead or 11/0, a 6mm crystal, and a 2mm bead. Skip the last bead strung, and sew through the remaining beads and into the base. Exit the next end 8/0. 

3. Pick up three 4mm pearls, a 4mm spacer, a 4mm pearl, a 6mm pearl, a 4mm pearl, a 6mm pearl, a 4mm pearl, a 6mm pearl, and a 2mm bead. Skip the 2mm bead, and sew through the remaining beads and into the base. Secure the tail in the beadwork.

4. Repeat on the other end.

For complete project instructions and more design options, click here to download & print this PDF
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