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Rosy ribbons bracelet

Feature a floral centerpiece on a ribbon of beads


Bracelet 7 1⁄2 in. (19.1 cm)

  • Moonglow Lucite beads (A Grain of Sand,
  • 5 12 mm (vintage, cafe)
  • 5 11 mm (vintage, raspberry)
  • 3 4 mm crystal sequins (Swarovski, light gray opal)
  • 10 g 11/0 seed beads (Miyuki F460I, bronze iris)
  • 2 g 15/0 seed beads (Miyuki 1521, sparkle beige-lined crystal)
  • 20 mm domed screen and setting base with tabs (, items 18433 and 18434)
  • hook-and-eye closure, size 1 or 2
  • 20 in. (51 cm) 5⁄8-in. (1.6 cm) ribbon (Offray, wine)
  • Fireline or WildFire, 6 lb. test
  • nylon thread to match ribbon
  • beading needles, #12
  • chainnose pliers


Rosy ribbons bracelet a
Photo a
Rosy ribbons bracelet b
Photo b

Ribbon flower component

1. Cut 20 in. (51 cm) of ribbon. At the end of 1 yd. (.9 m) of nylon thread, tie an overhand knot. Using a running stitch, sew a zigzagging line the length of the ribbon. Pull the thread to gather the ribbon (photo a).

2. Turn the nearest raw end of the ribbon to the back, and tack it down with a few stitches.

3. Sew down through the center hole of the domed screen (photo b), and sew up through an adjacent hole and the ribbon.

Rosy ribbons bracelet c
Photo c
Rosy ribbons bracelet d
Photo d

Curve the ribbon to create the inner ring of the flower, and sew through the ribbon and the screen as needed to tack the ribbon in place. Continue winding the ribbon around (photo c), tucking it under and behind the previous round, and sew it in place as you did the first round. Do not sew through the outer round of holes of the dome (photo d). 

Rosy ribbons bracelet e
Photo e
Rosy ribbons bracelet f
Photo f

4. Sew up through the center hole of the dome, and pick up a 4 mm crystal sequin and a 150 seed bead. Sew back through the sequin, the ribbon, and the dome (photo e). Repeat this step twice to add two more sequins, but sew through holes adjacent to the center hole. 

5. Sew through the dome to exit an edge hole. Tack the eye of the hook-and-eye closure to the edge of the dome (photo f), and end the thread.

For complete project instructions, click here to download & print this PDF

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