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Filigree beads and positive spaces

Use the many spaces in filigree beads to make this dimensional necklace. 

All beads have a hole, of course. The lacy filigree spacer beads I used in this project have 34 holes each, and they were begging to be put to work. So I came up with these clever puffs and cages by stringing beading wire through the filigree holes. Once you try this project, you may have found a new favorite technique. 


necklace 18 in. (46 cm)

8 top-drilled marquise-shaped gemstone briolettes, various sizes (approximately 8 x 23–12 x 40 mm)
wood beads
10 mm
6 8 mm
10 6 mm
12 6 mm filigree beads
36–40 3 x 4 mm gemstone rondelles
5 g 11/0 Japanese cylinder beads in each of 3 colors: A, B, C
2 4 mm round spacers
4 4 mm bead caps
3 mm crimp bead
6 2 mm crimp beads
2 crimp covers (optional)
Fireline 6 lb. test or nylon beading thread, size D
flexible beading wire,.018,.014, and.010
beading needles, #12
bead reamer (optional)
2 Bead Stoppers or alligator clips
chainnose pliers (optional)
crimping pliers
wire cutters

Filigree beads and positive spaces figure 01


Peyote tube beads

1. On 1 yd. (.9 m) of Fireline or thread, attach a stop bead, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Pick up three color A 11/0 cylinder beads, three color B 11/0 cylinder beads, five As, three Bs, and three As. 

2. Working in odd-count peyote stitch, follow the figure to complete the panel. Zip up the edges to form a tube. Remove the stop bead, and end the threads.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make a total of four tube beads.

Filigree beads and positive spaces 02


1. Cut 1 ft. (30 cm) of.018 beading wire, and, leaving a short tail, string the 3 mm crimp bead, the 10 mm wood bead, and the largest gemstone briolette. With the long end of the wire, go through the crimp bead and the 10 mm again, leaving a loop of exposed wire (PHOTO 1). Attach a Bead Stopper or alligator clip between the crimp bead and the 10 mm to temporarily prevent the crimp bead from sliding into the wood bead. 

Filigree beads and positive spaces 03
Filigree beads and positive spaces 04
photo 3

2. String four medium-sized briolettes, and go through the crimp bead and the 10 mm again, making the loop of wire the same size as the first one (PHOTO 2). Repeat with the three smallest briolettes (PHOTO 3).

3. Remove the Bead Stopper or clip, adjust the wire loops as needed, crimp the crimp bead, and trim the excess wire. Allow the 10 mm to slide over the crimp to hide it.

For the rest of the instructions for the necklace base and how to finish your piece, please download the project PDF here. 
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