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Rainbow-colored woven bracelet

A mix of Czech glass beads becomes a tapestry of color in this loomwork bracelet

Rainbow woven bracelet

Silver-lined gold or silver beads create unity throughout these bracelets, tying in the color of the clasps. Using flexible beading wire for the warp threads provides a sturdy foundation for this loomed bracelet and allows for a clever way to end the piece. 



Both bracelets

  • nylon beading thread, size B or D, or Fireline 6 lb. test
  • beading needles, #12
  • flexible beading wire, .010
  • first-aid tape
  • loom
  • wire cutters

Gold bracelet 7 in. (18 cm)

  • 200 4 mm round fire-polished beads
  • 11/0 Japanese cylinder beads
    - 4 g color A (silver-lined gold)
    - 1 g color B (blue iris)
  • sliding clasp with bars (Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, 800-355-2137800-355-2137 FREE)

Blue bracelet 7 in. (18 cm)

  • 100 4 mm round fire-polished beads
  • 11/0 Japanese cylinder beads
    - 3 g color A (blue iris)
    - 1 g color B (silver-lined silver)
  • end bar with clasp (Bearcat & Co., 503-786-6125503-786-6125)


Use the beading wire as part of your design by choosing a color that contrasts with the beads in your band, or make it fade into the background by using a subtle color.


Loomwork band


1. To determine the width of your band in beads, string 4 mm fire-polished beads on a needle, and place them next to the clasp. To determine how many warp wires you’ll need, add one to the number of 4 mms that span the width of your band.


2. Determine the desired length of the bracelet, subtract the length of your clasp, and subtract 1 in. (2.5 cm). This is how long the 4 mm portion of the band needs to be.

Rainbow woven bracelet Photo a
photo a
Rainbow woven bracelet Photo b
photo b

3. To warp your loom with the beading wire, tie the end of the wire to the screw on one end of the loom. Position the wire between two coils on the loom, and then between the corresponding coils on the other end of the loom. Wrap the wire around the screw at the other end of the loom, skip a coil on the spring, and position the wire between the next two coils (Photo A). Position the wire between the corresponding coils on the other end of the loom. Continue until you have the number of warp wires determined in step 1. Cut the wire from the spool, and tie it to the screw on the loom.


4. Leave 1 in. (2.5 cm) of space below the coils, and tie 2 yd. (1.8 m) of thread to the far-left warp, leaving an 18-in. (46 cm) tail.


5. Multiply the number of 4 mms that span the width of your band by three. This is the number of color A cylinder beads you will need to pick up for the first row. Example: The gold bracelet has five 4 mms per row, so there are 15 cylinder beads in each cylinder row. Pick up the desired number of As, bring the thread under the warps, and position three As between each set of warp wires. Sew back through the As, making sure your needle stays above the warps (Photo B). Repeat for a total of 13 rows.


6. Using one 4 mm between each set of warps, work to the length determined in step 2, ending and adding thread as needed.


7. Work 13 rows of As. If you have less than 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread, end the thread and add a new one, exiting the row of cylinders next to the end row of 4 mms.

Rainbow woven bracelet Photo c
photo c
Rainbow woven bracelet Photo d
photo d

8. Work an edge embellishment by picking up an A, a color B cylinder, and an A. Sew under the edge warp thread between the next two rows of beads (Photo C). Repeat along the edge, alternating a stitch with three As and a stitch with an A, a B, and an A until you reach the other end of the 4 mm section. Sew through the row of As after the last row of 4 mms. Repeat the embellishment along the other edge, and end the working thread and tail.




1. Cut a 1-in. (2.5 cm) piece of first-aid tape, and wrap it above the first row of As, pulling the edge warp wires slightly in toward the center (Photo D). Repeat after the last row of As


2. Cut the beadwork and the taped ends from the loom.

Rainbow woven bracelet Photo e
photo e
Rainbow woven bracelet Photo f
photo f

3. On one end of the bracelet, fold the taped end flat against the underside of the strip of As. Slide the tape and As through the bar on one half of the clasp (Photo E), and fold the strip of As in half, sandwiching the taped ends between two layers of beads. Using the 18-in. (46 cm) tail, whip stitch the edges together (Photo F). End the thread. Repeat on the other end.

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