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Gold scalloped bracelet

Weave cylinder beads and fire-polished crystals with brick-stitch to make this quick bracelet

Gold scalloped bracelet

This radiant bracelet consists of a series of brick-stitch links, each made with a faceted fire-polished bead at its center. The number of links determines the length of the bracelet; the length of the fire-polished beads determines its width. For a lacy finish, accent the scalloped edges with a delicate picot trim.

In the instructions below, we’ll show you how to make the links. For full instructions, on how to join the links, finish the ends and add a picot edge, download the free project PDF


  • 4g Japanese cylinder beads (I used gold-plated Delicas)
  • 8g Japanese seed beads, size 11/0, purple
  • 8 7x5mm fire-polished beads
  • 1 Hank tri-cut seed beads, size 13-14/0, gold plated
  • Nymo D in purple or black and gold
  • Beading needles, #12
  • 1 Toggle clasp, gold filled
  • G-S Hypo Cement or clear nail polish
  • Beeswax or Thread Heaven



Make the links

figure 1
Gold scalloped bracelet Photo a
photo a

Start with a fire-polished faceted bead. Ladder stitch usually forms the base row for brick stitch, but with the links in this bracelet, you anchor cylinder beads to a thread that runs through the faceted bead. Work with 18-in. (45cm) lengths of purple or black conditioned thread.


1. Base row: Leave a 5-in. (13cm) tail and go through a faceted bead. Go through the bead again in the same direction and tie the tail and working thread together with a surgeon’s knot. Tie the knot close to the hole at one end of the bead (Figure 1).

Gold scalloped bracelet Photo b
Gold scalloped bracelet Photo c
photo c

2. Pick up 2 cylinder beads, pull the thread tight and go under both threads that are wrapped around the faceted bead (Photo A). Go up through the last bead strung (Photo B) and down through the first bead. Come up through the last bead again. Pick up another bead, go under the threads, and exit the bead just strung. Repeat for a total of 6 cylinders, ending with the thread exiting from the last bead strung (Photo C). Turn your work.

Gold scalloped bracelet Photo d
photo d
Gold scalloped bracelet Photo e
photo e

3. Row 2: Work in brick stitch with 11/0 seeds. Do one brick-stitch increase between the second and third cylinders of the previous row by attaching the increase bead to the same loop as the previous stitch and Photo D. There are a total of 6 seeds in this row. Turn. 


4. Row 3: Work in brick stitch using cylinder beads. Make a brick-stitch increase between the second and third seeds of the previous row and another between the fourth and fifth seeds for a total of 7 cylinders. Turn.


5. Row 4: Work a row of 11/0 seeds in brick stitch for a total of 6 beads. 


6. Row 5: Repeat row 2 (6 beads). Do not weave in the thread end, use it later to join the links or to weave the end rows of the bracelet. This completes one side of a link (Photo E).

Gold scalloped bracelet Photo f
photo f

7. Start a new thread and repeat steps 1-6 on the other side of the faceted bead. Photo F shows one complete link.


8. Repeat steps 1-7 to make 7 more. 


For full project instructions, download the free PDF.

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