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Flaming cuff bracelet

Attach a loomwork band to a metal cuff form to create a hot accessory based on the bargello needlepoint pattern

This bracelet design is adapted from a needlepoint pattern called bargello, or flame stitch. To enhance the flame effect of the design, combine beads with different finishes and use silver-lined crystal or silver-lined gold beads for the main color of the pattern. Metal cuffs are available in a variety of sizes. Adjust the number of warp threads and the pattern if you choose a cuff with a different width than we show here.

In the instructions below, we’ll show you how to weave the bracelet and end the warp threads. For full project instructions, download the free PDF.


  • Japanese seed beads, size 11/0 - 4g color A - 4g color B - 3g color C - 3g color D
  • 80 triangle beads, size 8/0 or 10/0
  • 1 x 6 in. (2.5x15cm) metal cuff (
  • 1 1/8 x 6 1/8 in. (3x15.6cm) piece of Ultrasuede
  • conditioned Nymo B or D to match beads
  • sewing thread to match Ultrasuede
  • beading needles, #10 or 12
  • sewing needles
  • loom
  • 2-sided tape
  • first-aid tape (optional)

TIP: Editor’s note: As you stitch the loomwork to the Ultrasuede, keep checking the placement of the woven piece to make sure it didn’t move. Since the tape doesn’t adhere to the beads, the loomwork can easily slide down the metal form.

Flaming cuff bracelet Photo a
Photo A

Weave the bracelet

[1] Thread the loom with 20 warp threads, keeping the tension even.

[2] Working with a comfortable length of thread, weave the repeating pattern for 77 rows or until it is 3/8 in. (1cm) longer than the metal cuff.

[3] Weave the working thread into the beadwork to secure it and trim.

End the warp threads

Choose one of the following options for ending the warp threads:

Option 1

[1] Before you cut the beadwork from the loom, center a 2-in. (6cm) piece of first-aid tape, adhesive side up, under the warp threads about 1/8 in. from the end of the beadwork.

[2] Fold the ends of the tape over the top of the warp threads, bringing them in slightly so the band of tape is narrower than the beadwork (Photo A).

[3] Repeat steps 1-2 with the warp threads on the other end of the beadwork.

[4] Cut the beadwork from the loom, trim the warp threads just past the tape, and fold the bands of tape under the beadwork.

Flaming cuff bracelet Photo b
Photo B

Option 2 

[1] Cut the beadwork from the loom, leaving 2-in. (5cm) warp threads on each end.

[2] Cut a piece of two-sided tape and adhere it to the back of the beadwork near the edge.

[3] Take two or three adjacent warp threads, twist them together, and press them against the tape (Photo B). Repeat with the remaining warp threads.

Flaming cuff bracelet Photo c
Photo C

[4] Cut the warp threads about 1/2 in. (1.3cm) past the tape (Photo C).

[5] Repeat steps 2-4 to finish the other end.

For complete instructions, download the free project PDF.

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