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Fast peyote stitch

Weave two rows of peyote stitch in a single pass

Fast peyote stitch

Peyote stitch is possibly the best-loved beading technique, but it can take a while when you’re adding one bead at a time. With this technique, you can pick up two rows at once.


By modifying this technique, you can also work flat, odd-count peyote or tubular peyote.

Fast peyote stitch Figure 1
figure 1



1. Attach a stop bead to a comfortable length of thread, and pick up an even number of seed beads. Work four rows in standard flat, even-count peyote stitch.


2. Pick up the same number of beads you started with in step 1. Drape them across the beadwork, and sew through the end up-bead of the previous row, going in the opposite direction (Figure 1).

Fast peyote stitch Figure 2
figure 2
Fast peyote stitch Figure 3
figure 3

3. Skip the last bead picked up, sew through the next one, and continue through the next up-bead on the previous row (Figure 2, a-b). Continue across, zigzagging through every other bead in the group you just picked up and the next up-bead on the previous row (b-c).


4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the desired length, adding thread if needed. Figure 3 shows the next two rows completed. To finish, remove the stop bead and secure the tails.

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