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Crystal peyote bracelet

A peyote-stitched base is embellished with crystals and pearls to create an exquisite bracelet

Bicone crystals, pearls and seed beads offer beautiful embellishment for this handmade peyote-stitch bracelet. The squared-off shape of cylinder and hex beads suits peyote stitch perfectly, as it allows the beads to interlock.  


Blue bracelet colors (pictured)

  • 4 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski, Pacific opal)
  • 3 mm glass pearls (Swarovski, bright gold)
  • 8/0 hexagon beads (Toho F650, matte olivine)
  • 8/0 seed beads (Toho 457, metallic bronze)
  • 15/0 seed beads
    - color A (Toho 457, metallic bronze)   
    - color B (Toho 952, rainbow topaz seafoam-lined)

Amethyst bracelet 7 1/2 in. (19.1 cm)

  • 110 4 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski, amethyst)
  • 110 3 mm pearls (Swarovski, vintage gold)
  • 34 g 8/0 hexagon beads (Toho F460A, matte raspberry bronze iris)
  • 2 g 8/0 seed beads (Toho PF557, permanent galvanized starlight)
  • 15/0 seed beads
    - 2 g color A (Toho P471, permanent galvanized gold)
    - 1 g color B (Toho 460A, metallic raspberry bronze iris)
  • 1 5-strand box clasp
  • Fireline, 6 lb. or 8 lb. test
  • beading needles, #11


Crystal peyote bracelet Figure 1
Figure 1
Crystal peyote bracelet Figure 2
Figure 2
[1] On a comfortable length of thread, attach a stop bead, leaving a 12-in. (30 cm) tail. Pick up 11 8/0 hex beads, and work in flat odd-count peyote stitch for the desired bracelet length less 3/4 in. (1.9 cm) for the clasp. End and add thread as needed, end on an odd numbered row with six up-beads, and end the working thread.
[2] Place the base horizontally on your bead mat, and attach a needle to each end of a comfortable length of thread. With the right needle, sew through the third top edge hex from the right end of the base, with the needle pointing away from the base (Figure 1, point a). With the left needle, sew through the adjacent fourth hex on the top edge (point aa).

Top embellishment
With each needle, pick up a color A 15/0 seed bead, a 3 mm pearl, and an A. With one needle, pick up a pearl, and cross the other needle through it (a-b and aa-bb). Repeat this stitch twice (b-c and bb-cc). With each needle, pick up an A, a pearl, and an A, and sew through the corresponding hexes on the bottom edge of the base with the needles pointing toward the middle of the base (c-d and cc-dd).
[2] Get into position to start the next row of embellishment: With each needle, zigzag through the next three edge beads. The needles should be exiting the sixth and seventh edge beads (Figure 2, point a and aa).
[3] Work as in step 1, but use 4 mm bicone crystals in place of the pearls (Figure 2). Repeat step 2.
[4] Continue working as in steps 1-3, alternating pearls and crystals for the length of the base. End both working threads.


Crystal peyote bracelet Figure 3
Figure 3
[1] Remove the stop bead, thread a needle on the tail, and sew back through the hex your thread is exiting. Place half of the clasp along the end of the base. 
[2] Pick up two color B 15/0 seed beads, the end loop of half the clasp, and two Bs, and sew back through the end hex (Figure 3, a-b). Sew through the beadwork as shown to exit the next up-bead on the edge (b-c). 
[3] Work as in step 2 for the remaining loops on the clasp, sewing back through the hex your thread exited at the start of each stitch (c-d), and end the tail. 
[4] Add a comfortable length of thread to the opposite end of the base, exiting an end edge bead with the needle heading toward the beadwork. Work as in steps 2-3 to add the other half of the clasp. Do not end the working thread.


Crystal peyote bracelet Figure 4
Figure 4

Edge embellishment
[1] With the working thread, sew through the base to exit the third top edge hex from the right end of the base, with the needle pointing away from the base (Figure 4, point a). For clarity, part of the embellishment in Figure 4 has been faded to show the thread path.
[2] Pick up an 8/0 seed bead and an A, and sew back through the 8/0 and the hex your thread exited at the start of this step (a-b).
[3] Sew through the adjacent hex, and repeat step 2 to complete the first set of edge embellishments (b-c).
[4] Sew through the beadwork as shown to skip a row, and get into position to add the next set of edge embellishments (c-d).
[5] Work as in steps 2-4 for the length of the base. End and add thread as needed.
[6] Sew through the beadwork to exit the corresponding hex on the other edge, and repeat steps 2-5. If any end hex beads are left unembellished, embellish them if you desire.

Click here to download the free project PDF.

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