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Shipwreck Beads Features Breathtaking Gemstones

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New Stone Alert!

JUST IN! Stunning new selections of semi-precious rounds at Shipwreck Beads! We’re elated with our latest collection of semi-precious gemstone rounds! We’ve found an awesome new supplier, and brought in a variety of high-quality stones including kyanite, aquamarine, azurite-malachite, agate, morganite, gold rutilated quartz, garnet, and lava-stone. Lava-stone beads are great for use in aromatherapy designs; simply apply a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil(s) onto the stone’s porous surface for a sublime olfactory experience you can wear every day.


We’ve also brought in a sparkling new lot of Brazilian quartz, amethyst and citrine pendants. These guys really sparkle, and are priced at a steal! Our buyers brought in a small sampling from Tucson back in January, and they sold out almost immediately! We’ve refreshed stocks and added a few more styles. Each of the pieces looks just as fabulous as the samples that were individually hand-selected. Most of Shipwreck Beads’ finer gemstone selections are hand-selected at gem shows, so it’s a great relief to develop a relationship with a manufacturer that provides consistent quality both in-person and from a hemisphere away. Check out our gemstone selection at Shipwreck Beads, and you won’t be disappointed!


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