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What does your jewelry mean to you?

Facet takes a look at jewelry that comes from a spiritual place
Spiritual Jewelry

Do you make or wear jewelry that has a unique and particular meaning? Something that brings you peace, or hope, or brings you to a deeper place of connection with your soul, your faith, or your consciousness?

For many people, the ring on their finger or the pendant around their neck represents a tangible representation of their own personal spirituality. Whether one is wearing a crystal or a birthstone, a yoga bracelet or a crucifix, a mandala or a Tree of Life, the spiritual journey taken through jewelry can be especially meaningful. 

On Facet throughout August, we'll be taking a look at jewelry making that comes from a spiritual place. We'll be exploring the meaning behind various stones and symbols, show you how to make your own pieces that represent the traditions of different faiths, and inspire you with user-submitted photos of stunning jewelry. We'll also look at products from different manufacturers that can bring your designs to life. 

Time gemstones

Here is a look ahead at what to expect on Facet throughout month of August.

This week, we launched a new monthly feature where we take a deeper look at the history and traditions behind different BIRTHSTONES

Today, we welcome guest blogger Kia Resnick talking about the historical meanings given to various GEMSTONES, and whether those mystical traditions are fact or fiction. 

Later this week, we'll explore the idea behind the TREE OF LIFE, and check out the many ways that our readers have interpreted that symbolism in their own jewelry. 

Also later this week, Bead&Button editor Julia Gerlach will tell us about the Native American tradition of adding a SPIRIT BEAD to your beadwork.

Sue Ripsch's Chain mail rosary

Next week, look for information about symbols in jewelry design: mandalas, zentangles, crosses, celtic knots, Stars of David, and other patterns that are spiritual in origin and have become commonplace in jewelry. How can you add these meaningful symbols to your jewelry?

The week of August 21, we'll take a deeper look at jewelry with metaphysical properties of healing and connection. We'll also look at jewelry that honors the Sun and the Moon, just in time for the Solar Eclipse!

The week of August 28, we'll check out some jewelry with connections to Christianity and to Eastern traditions in Tibet and Nepal. And although it is not jewelry, you'll learn how to make this lovely Chain mail rosary designed by Sue Ripsch!

Be sure to check back thoughout the month as we add new content about the spiritual connections that jewelry can provide. And as always, follow along on Facebook so see what's new!

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