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Tree of Life

Tree of Life
The Tree of Life has been increasing in popularity in the fashion industry over the past few years. Its branches have been popping up everywhere from jewelry to t-shirts and, even, tattoos. But, why has tree of life jewelry become such a popular symbol in the past few years? What does it mean?

With its organic curves and spirals, the tree serves as a beautiful design element on its own. Designers often use nature as inspiration and trees are one of the most obvious choices.

Aside from its aesthetically pleasing features, the tree has become a symbol to represent the environment, family relationships, connectedness among all living things, the web of life, biodiversity, creation and evolution.

The Tree of Life has its roots as an ancient symbol in many of today’s major world religions - Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddism, and Islam. A sacred tree is mentioned in several different forms in the Bible, Quran and Torah and answers to many different names including Bodhi tree, Gaokerena world tree, and Tree of Immortality.

A huge Baobab Tree of Life is the centerpiece attraction of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Florida. At 145 feet tall and filled with 300 animal carvings, it celebrates all living things and the place they share in the Circle of Life. And as you know, once Disney has embraced a symbol, it is fast to become an pop-cultural icon.

Here are a couple of projects on Facet that feature the Tree of Life:
Twist a tree pendant
Twist a tree pendant by Allyson Giesen
Branch out for fall
Branch out for fall by Melissa Lee

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