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GEOMETRY Design Challenge winners

Geometry Photo Winners
We had so many wonderful submissions to our September Design Challenge, GEOMETRY, that we could not contain ourselves. We have selected FOUR winners, in the categories Wire, Clays, Stitching and Metal. Thanks so much to all who participated, we can't see what you send us this month!
Geometry Wire Winner

The winner of our award for best Wire piece goes to Brenda Schweder of Waukesha, WI. Brenda is an artist, author, teacher, creativity coach, and inventor of the Now That's a Jig!, a tool to help wire workers keep steady hands. Her winning piece, 3D Diamond Necklace, is made from steel wire, and sports a hidden cold connection with steel epoxy putty that you can find at glue section at Lowe's or Home Depot. The butted openings are conjoined with big-holed African trade beads. is the place to visit for more wirework inspiration. 

Geometry Clays Winner

The winner of the Clays category for September is Teal Chartreuse Shards Necklace. This piece is made from polymer clay in geometric forms, inspired by finding a shard of pottery on the beach. Bold, mid-century modern colors are interspersed with monochrome mokume gane technique focal pieces. There is a hidden magnetic catch and the necklace is cleverly engineered to flex in all directions, due to concealed rubber connections on the reverse. It is ultra light and comfortable to wear. The designer, Melanie Muir, lives with her family in the Scottish Highlands in Nairn, near Inverness, and she teaches internationally. You can see more of her truly stunning work at

Geometry Stitching Winner

This lovely Scarab bracelet, the winner of the Stitching category for September, was made by Romana Ivansek of Zagreb, Croatia. Her description of her own work: "Geometry is precise, correct, harmonic and because of that always beautiful. This bracelet is made using the CRAW technique with straight lines that form a rectangle. The bracelet is made with metallic earth tone color beads and crystals. The name for the bracelet comes from the iridescent colors of the Scarab beetle, an ancient Egyptian symbol for rebirth." See more of her work on Facebook!

Geometry Metals winner

The winner of the Metals challenge for September is this sterling silver ring made by AnastasiaSava Savytska from Ukraine. Called The Heart of My Ship, it is, like all of her jewelry, handmade and one of a kind. In her work, she uses silver, brass, natural gems, and other materials. She processes her gems herself, so each piece is truly unique. Be sure to check out

Congratulations to all four of our winners! Inspired? We'd love to have to have you enter into our next contest. Anytime between now and October 26, 2016, send us a photo of your work in any jewelry-making category. 

When you look back at past projects, do they trigger new or related ideas? Have you created a series of pieces, perhaps evolving over time? Does your jewelry reflect an echo of the past, a part of a memory, a repetition of a sound captured in metal, wire or glass? Does a piece that you've designed contain a fragment of a memory, a reflection on the past, a whisper of a recollection? If so, please share with us in the ECHO Design Challenge!
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