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Using Facet’s filters to find projects


Browsing for just the right necklace, bracelet or earrings to make? You might want to use our filters to help you narrow your choices.

To find the filters, visit one of our five project pages. Once there you’ll see a “filter results” icon. Click the icon (or tap if you’re using a mobile device), and you’ll see an assortment of  “buttons” like these that give you sorting options:


Click as few or as many button as you like, then click the “update view” button, and voila! A selection of projects will appear.

Easy, right?

As you get accustomed to how the filters work, you’ll notice that the fewer the buttons you choose, the more projects you’ll get in your search results. If you only click “chain mail,” you’ll get a large selection of chain mail earrings, bracelets and necklaces. If you add a second category to your search, the choices will narrow.

Here are some examples.

  • Two-button search: In the Stitching category, choose “bracelets” and “seed beads” then click “update view,” and here’s one of the projects you’ll get.
Forget me knot bracelet
Forget Me Knot Bracelet
  • Three-button search: In the Metal & Wire category choose “bracelets,” “cold connections” and “metal,” and here’s a sample of what you’ll find.
4 layer cuff bracelet
4-layer cuff bracelet
  • Four-button search: Under Clays & Resins, click “pendants,” “brooches,” “metal clay” and “patinas” and this project pops up, among others.
Colorful metal clay brooch
Colorful metal clay brooch

What if nothing shows up in your search results? It happens sometimes, and it means we don’t have a project that exactly matches your criteria. Try removing some of the buttons from your search criteria, or start a new search. You can also check back another time; we’ll be adding new projects all the time, so your choices will keep growing.

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