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How to glaze a new crucible

Before you use your brand new crucible, make sure to glaze it first
You’ll need to glaze your crucible before you melt any metal in it. This ensures that your metal doesn’t stick to the ceramic bowl.

[A] First, remove your ceramic crucible from the handle attachment.

[B] Gently warm the crucible with your torch or in a kiln set to around 1500˚F (816˚C), until the ceramic is red hot.

[C] Remove the crucible from the heat, and sprinkle a generous coating of borax or powdered casting flux on the inside of the bowl. You don’t want flux on the outside of the crucible, as it will stick to things when the crucible heats up, but be sure to coat the pouring spout(s). As the powder warms, it will bubble and enlarge slightly.

[D] Heat the crucible again with the torch or kiln; this will melt the flux into the ceramic crucible.

[E] Continue to alternately heat the crucible and add flux until there’s a glassy coating on the inside of the crucible. 

[F] Allow the crucible to air-cool. Once it’s cool, attach the handle to the bowl; you’re now ready to melt metal!
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