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Alloy Recipes

Use this formula to determine how many grams of metal to use to make an alloy
To determine how many grams of each metal to use to make a given alloy, plug the percentages from the chart into the following formula: 

Desired amount of alloy (in grams) x % of metal = g of metal

For example, if you’d like to create 20 g of sterling silver:

20 g sterling silver x 92.5% fine silver = 18.5 g fine silver
20 g sterling silver x 7.5% copper = 1.5 g copper

To check your math, add up the total grams of the alloy ingredients: 
18.5 g fine silver + 1.5 g copper = 20 g total 

NOTE: Use a scale that measures grams to weigh each metal separately. Use a jeweler’s scale, not a kitchen scale, when measuring metals. Precious metals are weighed in troy ounces, which equal 31.1 g, whereas the ounces used for food and liquid measurement are avoirdupois ounces, which equal 28.3 g.

Make a batch of alloy mix* to keep on hand for alloying gold. When alloying gold, melt the gold first, then add the alloy mix, stirring thoroughly.
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