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Guardian Angel cross

Encourage a stronger connection with a guardian angel by wearing carnelian beads with this lovely cross. 

According to some traditions, carnelian gemstones are attractive to many guardian angels. Wearing jewelry with carnelian gemstones or even just carrying a carnelian stone in your pocket has the possibility to encourage a stronger connection with a guardian angel.

This is a basic design that you can customize depending on the sheet metal and beads used. I used aluminum and bronze with carnelian gemstone beads. 

I used 20 gauge dead-soft nickel silver wire. Approximately 20 percent of people exhibit an allergic reaction to nickel, so keep that in mind when choosing your wire. 


This necklace is 24”. It can easily be adjusted to a custom length by removing or adding bead connectors.

  • 1 1⁄2” x 2 1⁄2” 24 gauge aluminum sheet metal
  • 1 1⁄2” x 2 1⁄2” 24 gauge bronze sheet metal
  • 3# 0-80 brass micro bolts and nuts
  • Chain (per your desired length)
  • 2 3 mm jump rings
  • 1 Toggle clasp
  • 23 6 mm carnelian beads
  • 10 4 mm carnelian beads
  • 40” 20 gauge wire
  • 1 Headpin
  • 1 decorative bead cap (optional)


  • Cross template
  • Tacky Glue
  • Ruler
  • Jeweler's saw with blade
  • Beeswax or cutting lube
  • Bench pin
  • Chasing hammer
  • Bench vise
  • Roundnose pliers
  • Bentnose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Steel bench block
  • Spring-loaded centering punch
  • 1.8 mm hole punch
  • Round, flat and triangle mini metal files
  • 400 grit sandpaper


Guardian angel cross_P01

1.  Print and rough cut out the cross template found on the last page of the project PDF. (You can also draw your own cross design, just be sure your template will fit the metal that you select).  

Lightly sand the aluminum, and then, using tacky glue, adhere the template to the aluminum. I trimmed the metal for easier maneuvering with the jeweler's saw. (PHOTO A)

Guardian angel cross_P02

2. Using the jeweler's saw, carefully cut out the cross pattern using the bench pin for support.  (PHOTO B)

3. Remove the paper pattern. Using 400-grit sandpaper along with mini metal files as needed, sand and refine the shape.   

Guardian angel cross _P03

4.  Lay the template on the aluminum cross and mark the rivet holes with a permanent marker. 

5. Lay the piece of aluminum on a bench pin, and using the spring-loaded centering punch, make a divot at each mounting hole location.  (PHOTO C)

Guardian angel cross _P04

6. Using the 1.8 mm punch, punch a mounting hole at each divot. File as necessary.  (PHOTO D)

7. Place the aluminum cross on the piece of bronze and transfer the mounting hole placement to the bronze sheet. 

Guardian angel cross _P05
8. Use the centering punch to make three divots as in Step 5; punch as in Step 6.  Using the micro bolts and nuts as a temporary holding fixture, attach the aluminum cross to the bronze piece. (PHOTO E)
Guardian angel cross _P06

9. Saw around the aluminum cross using the jeweler's saw, leaving a 1/16" reveal.  (PHOTO F)

10. Remove the micro bolts; using 400 grit sandpaper along with the flat and round mini metal files, sand and refine the shape.

Guardian angel cross _P07
11. Cut a piece of wire 2" long, make a 2 mm eye in the center, but do not cross the wires over one another (think of making the eye part of a hook and eye closure). Flatten the eye part of the wire with the flat face of the chasing hammer on a steel bench block.  (PHOTO G)
Guardian angel cross_P08
12. Thread a micro bolt through the aluminum cross, starting at the top.  Place the eye of the wire you bent in Step 11 on the micro bolt, then place the bronze cross piece on that.  This wire will serve as your bail. (PHOTO H)
Guardian angel cross _P09
13. Thread on the nut, tighten using bentnose pliers, and trim the micro bolt shank to approximately 1/16".  File flat.  Repeat with the middle and bottom connections. Rest the piece on a steel bench block, and using a 4-ounce chasing hammer, hammer the shanks of the micro bolts to secure the connection. (PHOTO I)
Guardian angel cross _P10

14. Slide a 6 mm bead on each wire tail. Using roundnose pliers, make a 3 mm loop. (PHOTO J)

15. Cut 20 pieces of wire to a length of 1 1⁄4", and cut 10 pieces of wire to a length of 1”.

Guardian angel cross _P11

16. Make 20 bead connectors using the 6 mm beads. Make a 3 mm loop on one end of the 11⁄4" wire, string a bead, and make an opposing 3 mm loop on the other end.  

**Tip:  you may find it helpful to make a mark on your roundnose pliers at 3 mm to make the correct size loop. (PHOTO K)

Guardian angel cross _P12

17. Make 10 bead connectors using the 4 mm beads: make a 3 mm loop on one end of the 1" wire, string a bead, and make an opposing 3 mm loop on the other end.

18. Make one bead dangle using the head pin and a 6 mm bead.  Trim the head pin as necessary. (PHOTO L)

Guardian angel cross _P13
19. Put together two chains of bead connectors consisting of ten 6 mm and five 4 mm bead connectors.  Use bentnose pliers to open and close the eyes on the bead connectors like you would a jump ring.  (PHOTO M)
Guardian angel cross _P14
21. Using the 3 mm jump rings, attach the desired length of chain to the toggle clasp.  Attach one length of the bead connector chain to the opposite end; attach the other end of the bead connector chain to the bail on the cross. (PHOTO N)
Guardian angel cross _P15
22. Attach the bead dangle to the toggle clasp ring. (PHOTO O)

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