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Simple spiral chain mail bracelet

Use square-wire jump rings to make a 4-in-1 spiral bracelet sparkle

You can use round- or square-wire jump rings in any gauge for this weave, but do the following quick test to make sure your ring sizes will work. Attach four rings to one closed ring. Hold the single ring; if the four rings hang straight down and fit evenly on the bottom of the first ring, they will work with this weave. If they fan out to the sides, try a larger inner diameter (ID) or a thinner-gauge ring. The tighter the fit, the more dense the weave. Once you get the pattern going, the bracelet works up fairly quickly!

Read the project instructions below. For additional information on twisting the chain, working with square-wire jump rings, and making your own square-wire jump rings, click here for the free project PDF


  • Sterling silver square-wire jump rings: 20-gauge (0.8 mm), 3.5 mm inside diameter (ID), quantity varies depending on bracelet length (105 rings will make a 7 1/2-in./19.1 cm bracelet)  
  • Sterling silver lobster clasp

Toolbox: Chain mail


Simple spiral chain mail bracelet 1
Photo 1
Simple spiral chain mail bracelet 2
Photo 2
Close one jump ring [1], and attach it to a holding wire — a twist tie, paper clip, or piece of string. This is optional but will make it easier for you to hold onto the chain as you work. Open the remaining jump rings. Insert a second ring through the first ring [2], and close it.
Simple spiral chain mail bracelet 3
Photo 3
Simple spiral chain mail bracelet 4
Photo 4
To start the spiral, work from left to right and make sure you add the jump rings in the correct orientation. Hold the two rings so that the second ring rests on top of the first ring at the top and behind the first ring at the bottom. Make sure there is a space where the two rings overlap. Insert a third ring through the first two rings from behind at the bottom to the front at the top, and close it [3].
Always add the new ring in the same direction as the previous ring to keep the spiral going. You will have to retwist the chain as you are working, and it will be easy to see if you have added a ring in the wrong direction.

Add a fourth jump ring in the same manner, placing it through rings 2 and 3, and close it.

Add a fifth jump ring through rings 3 and 4, and close it [4].

Continue to add jump rings in the same manner until you reach your desired bracelet length.

Simple spiral chain mail bracelet 5
Photo 5
Simple spiral chain mail bracelet 6
Photo 6

Add a sterling silver lobster clasp to an open jump ring, and insert that jump ring through the last two jump rings in the bracelet in the same direction as you added the previous jump rings [5]. Close the last jump ring.

Remove the holding wire from the opposite end.

Add a jump ring to the jump ring at the end of the chain opposite the clasp, and close it [6].

In order for the clasp to hook into the ring easily, insert the final ring through only one previous ring instead of two.

Twist this chain back into a sharp spiral before you put it on - the spiral will lock in place when you fasten the clasp.

Process photos by Tara Anderson.

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