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Celtic infinity ring

Update the timeless infinity symbol in a contemporary ring

This lovely contemporary ring design requires only two gauges of wire, a ring mandrel and basic wirework tools. To keep your pliers from marring the wire as you work, apply Tool Magic to the tips. And you can use finger tape to protect your fingertips when working with wire.

Read step-by-step instructions on creating the focal component of this ring below. For the complete project, which includes instructions on fashioning the woven ring band, click here for the free project PDF.


Ring with 3⁄4 x 1⁄2-in. (19 x 38 mm) focal

  • Copper, sterling, or colored/plated wire, round, dead soft
    • 16 in. (40.6 cm) 18-gauge (1.0 mm)
    • 3 1⁄2–4 ft. (1.1–1.2 m) 26-gauge (0.4 mm)


  • Ring mandrel
Celtic infinity ring g
Step g
Celtic infinity ring h
Step h

(For instructions on making the woven ring band, the first five steps of this project, click here for the free project PDF).

6. Bend the band around a ring mandrel so that the base wires meet and are centered at one size larger than the desired ring size. (The band size will decrease as you make the focal.) Hold the mandrel and the band so that the ends of the base wires are facing you. If you're right-handed, the top pair of base wires should come from the right (g). If you’re left-handed, the top pair of base wires should come from the left.

7. Hold the band on the mandrel with your nondominant hand, and use your thumb to firmly hold the base wires where they meet. With your dominant hand, gently curve the top pair of base wires clockwise, allowing the curve to tighten into what would appear to be one end of an oval (h).


Celtic infinity ring i
Step i
Celtic infinity ring i
Step j
8. Remove the ring from the mandrel, and pull the base wires downward, using bentnose pliers if needed (i). This creates an upside-down teardrop shape. Center the teardrop so that the base wires extend across the lower pair of base wires at a 7 o’clock position (j)
Celtic infinity ring k
Step k

9. Turn the ring upside down, and place it back on the mandrel at about 3⁄4 of a size larger than the desired ring size. Repeat steps 7 and 8, and then adjust the pair of teardrops as desired (k).

Compress or stretch the woven section of the band so it’s a half-size larger than the desired ring size (this will allow space for finishing). Remove the ring from the mandrel.

The teardrop will be more uniform if you shape it to the left of your thumb and then gently center it once you’ve formed it. If the woven section has shifted on the base wires during this procedure, reposition it.
Celtic infinity ring l
Step l
Celtic infinity ring m
Step m
10. Flush-cut one of the inner base wires, leaving a 1⁄8–1⁄4-in. (3–6.5 mm) tail extending past the band (l). Use roundnose pliers to form a hook at the tip of the tail, and tuck it inside the woven section of the band (m). Repeat to cut and secure the other inner base wire.
Celtic infinity ring n
Step n
11. Place the ring on the mandrel. Use a chasing hammer to gently tap the center of the focal to set the wires in place (n).
Celtic infinity ring o
Step o
Celtic infinity ring p
Step p
12. Wrap each of the outer base wires twice around the band, ending with the wire pointing away from you (o). Repeat step 10 to cut and secure each outer base wire (p).
Celtic infinity ring q
Step q
13. Use roundnose pliers to gently curve the top and bottom of the focal so that it lies flush against your finger when worn (q).
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