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Soldering findings to jewelry

BASICS_soldering findings1
Figure 1
BASICS_soldering findings2
Figure 2

Paint the finding with an anti-flux (Figure 1) and allow it to dry.

Sweat easy solder onto the findings (Figure 2). Flux the piece and the findings.

BASICS_soldering findings3
Figure 3

Place the findings where you want them attached. Heat from above and below until the solder flows (Figure 3)

Quench the piece, and pickle it. Test the finding to make sure it is secure and did not solder shut.

Alternatively, place the fluxed finding on the piece, and heat until the flux becomes a white crust. Place pallions of solder so they touch the base of each finding, and heat from above and below until the solder flows. Quench, pickle, and rinse the piece.

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