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Plain loop

BASICS_plain loop_1
Photo 1

Using chainnose pliers, make a right-angle bend in the wire directly above a bead or other component or at least 1⁄4 in. (6 mm) from the end of a piece of wire (Photo 1). For a larger loop, bend the wire farther in.

BASICS_plain loop_2
Photo 2

Grip the end of the wire with roundnose pliers so that the wire is flush with the jaws of the pliers where they meet. The closer to the tip of the pliers that you work, the smaller the loop will be. Press downward slightly, and rotate the wire toward the right-angle bend (Photo 2).

BASICS_plain loop_3

Photo 3

Reposition the pliers in the loop to continue rotating the wire until the end of the wire touches the bend (Photo 3).

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