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Stamping leather

Leather accepts texture similarly to metal — it’s actually easier, because you need less pressure to create an impression. Just remember that you must moisten your leather first so that it will accept and keep the texture. Look around you; chances are, you have something lying around your house or studio that will make an interesting texture on your piece. Here are a few of the textures that I’ve used. Remember to always wear eye protection when hammering screws, screwdrivers, or any metal that wasn’t designed as a stamp.
Stamping leather with a hammer
Use a premade texture hammer, or you can make your own.
Stamping leather with a screwdriver
The head of a small, flat-head screwdriver gives a clear, linear texture.
Stamping leather with a screw
The head of a screw creates an interesting geometric pattern.
Stamping leather with square tubing
Square tubing works like a stamp and looks good when used with overlapping strikes on both leather and brass. It’s time consuming, but looks impressive once you’re done.
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