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Crystal wrap bracelet

Add some sparkle to a leather bracelet
When creating these bracelets, I adapted the two-thread weave used in Chan Luu bracelets to include pearls, squaredelles, and crystal-encrusted Bead Thru components with leather cord. The simple ladder stitch is a great way to combine classy and casual.
  • 17 mm trapeze crystal button
  • 26–30 6 mm round pearls
  • 8 6 mm squaredelles
  • 4 38 mm Bead Thru bars
  • 40–44 in. (1–1.1 m) 1.5 mm leather cord
  • card of silk bead cord, size 4 or 5
  • scissors


  • 4 6 mm round pearls
  • 2 6 mm squaredelles
  • 2 1 1⁄2-in. (3.8 cm) head pins
  • pair of earring wires
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters

Supplies from Too Cute Beads,, or Fancy Beads, Check your local bead store for supplies. 


Crystal wrap bracelet 1
Step 1
Cut a 40–44-in. (1–1.1 m) piece of leather cord. Center a crystal button on the cord. Unwind the silk cord from the card. Next to the button, use a surgeon’s knot to tie the end of the silk cord around the leather cords. Trim the excess silk cord.
Crystal wrap bracelet 2
Step 2
On the silk cord, string a pearl. Go around one leather cord and back through the pearl.
Crystal wrap bracelet 3
Step 3
a. Bring the silk around the other leather cord and repeat step 2. b. Repeat steps 2 and 3a with two more pearls and a pair of squaredelles.
Crystal wrap bracelet 4
Step 4
String each hole of a Bead Thru bar. Continue attaching pearls, squaredelles, and Bead Thrus (Tip, below) until you can wrap the bracelet twice around your wrist.
Depending on your wrist size, you may have to alter the placement of the beads. The Bead Thru bars should be across your wrist when the bracelet is wrapped.
Crystal wrap bracelet 5
Step 4
Use a surgeon’s knot to tie the silk cord around one leather cord. Tie both leather cords and the silk cord together in an overhand knot. Trim the excess silk cord. About 1⁄2 in. (1.3 cm) from the first knot, tie another overhand knot with both leather cords. About 1⁄2 in. (1.3 cm) from the second knot, tie a third. Trim the cords, leaving 3⁄4-in. (1.9 cm) tails.
Crystal wrap bracelet alt
Alternative design
Use a Bead Thru tube as the focal point for a macramé bracelet.
crystal wrap earrings


1. For each earring: On a head pin, string a pearl, a squaredelle, and a pearl. Make a plain loop.

2. Open the loop of an earring wire. Attach the bead unit and close the loop.

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