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Men's corded necklace

Draw attention to your special guy's neck with a focal bead on woven knotted cord

A necklace that is both attractive and masculine can be tricky to create. When designing accessories for men, try to incorporate natural elements. This ceramic celtic knot bead came from a Renaissance fair; a carved bone bead is an equally handsome option. Add a few accent beads strung on thick cord and you’ll have a necklace to fit his style


  • 20-36mm ceramic or bone tube bead, hole large enough to accommodate cord
  • 4 6mm metal washers
  • 2 9-12mm accent or lampwork beads (lampwork beads by Jeff Plath,
  • 2 9mm round silver beads
  • 1 1⁄2-2 ft. (46-61cm) woven cord, 2-3mm wide
  • 4 coil ends with loops
  • lobster claw or spring clasp 
  • chainnose pliers
mens corded bracelet 1
Step 1
mens corded bracelet 2
Step 2
1. Determine the finished length of your necklace. (The black necklace is 16 in./41cm; the brown, 18 in./46cm.) Cut a piece of cord to that length. Center the tube bead on the cord.

2. On each side of the tube bead, string a washer, accent bead, washer, silver bead, and a coil end. Flatten each coil end’s loop with chainnose pliers. Check the fit, allowing 1 in. (2.5cm) for finishing. Trim each end of the cord if necessary.
mens corded bracelet 3
Step 3
mens corded bracelet 4
Step 4

3. Place one end of the cord in a coil end. Flatten the inside coil with pliers. Repeat on the other end.

4. Attach the clasp to one coil end’s loop. 

Look for thick chrome washers or hex nuts next time you visit the hardware store. They make a good substitute for silver beads in a man’s necklace, and the holes are large enough to accommodate a 2-3mm cord.

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