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Crystal pixie pendants

Make a cute lil’ crystal-hugging pixie from polymer clay

Pixies love shiny things and magical things, so I think they would love crystals, don’t you?

Let’s make a simple and easy little polymer pixie holding on tightly to a sparkling crystal rock. You can add a string through the loop in its hat and wear it as a pendant, or dangle it wherever you need a little magic.


  • a natural rock crystal
  • polymer clay: I suggest Premo™ in Ecru and GrayGranite (or something similar)
  • glass seed beads: two dark-colored, size 11 (or similar)
  • Lisa Pavelka’s PolyBonder™ glue (optional)
  • powder: 
  • chalk powder or pastel in medium brown (Pan Pastel™ “Raw Umber”)
  • other colors (optional): pink (CF SurfaceFX™ “Neon Princess”)
  • cutting blade (or craft knife)
  • sculpting tool
  • needle-nose tweezers (optional)
  • paintbrush
  • oven
  • oven thermometer

Note: CF “Can’t Live Without It” tool, Lisa Pavelka’s PolyBonder™ glue, CF SurfaceFX powders™ and natural quartz crystals are all available from

Polymer clay, seed beads, chalks/pastels, and paintbrushes are all available at most craft supplies stores. Natural rock crystals are available from many places that sell rocks and minerals, or stores specializing in Metaphysical items.


For this project, you’ll need one natural stone crystal that’s not too large. Your pixie will hold it in it’s hands, so about 1 to 1.5 inches long is ideal.


Polymer needs to be conditioned before using. That just means rolling, folding and smooshing until it’s soft and flexible. You can mix the color for your pixie and condition at the same time since both use the same process.


Crystal pixie pendants a
Photo a
Crystal pixie pendants b
Photo b
I used Premo™ brand polymer clay, but any brand can work. Premo™ is strong when it’s cured, so it will make a sturdy pendant. I used a quarter of a package of the Grey Granite color and half that much of Ecru. You can use different colors if you prefer. (PHOTO A, B)
Crystal pixie pendants c
Photo c
Crystal pixie pendants d
Photo d

When you condition and mix the clays thoroughly, you’ll have a nice blend that looks like stone. (PHOTO C)


1. We’ll create the head/body/feet all from one ball of clay about the size of a cherry. (PHOTO D)

Crystal pixie pendants e
Photo e
Crystal pixie pendants f
Photo f
2. Now roll that ball into a log, about as thick as a one of those string cheese snack sticks. (PHOTO E)

3. Squeeze the clay gently to make a neck, which will separate the head from the body, then use the sides of your fingers to roll the clay gently back and forth until the neck is smooth  - don’t overdo it or you’ll have a giraffe! (PHOTO F, G)
Crystal pixie pendants g
Photo g
Crystal pixie pendants h
Photo h
4. Ok, that’s the top part, now let’s work on the bottom part. Start by elongating what will become the legs. Gently twist and pull to make that leg area a little longer and a little thinner. (PHOTO H)
Crystal pixie pendants i
Photo i
Crystal pixie pendants j
Photo j
5. Use a cutting blade or craft knife to slice the lower half of the body, separating it into two legs. (PHOTO I)

6. Use a tool to smooth the space in between the legs. The CF “Can’t Live Without It” tool is a perfect sculpting tool for this. (PHOTO J)
Crystal pixie pendants k
Photo k

7. Next use your fingers to smooth and shape the legs. Use a gentle twisting motion with gentle pressure to round the cut edges and make the legs a little thinner. Don’t worry if they get too long, we’ll get rid of the excess. For now, just concentrate on making them the right width - not too thick and not too thin – you know, pixie-leg-ish! [PHOTO K]

For complete project instructions, click here to download & print this PDF

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