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Seaside charm bracelet

Resin and stamping add a custom touch to a classic bracelet

I love nothing more than being near the ocean, so it’s no surprise that my stash is overflowing with seashell charms. Considering my collection, I wanted to create a jangly-dangly charm bracelet with lots of layers and texture. I paired the metal charms with blue pearls and worked in some resin and metal stamping. If you’re new to the latter techniques, this is just the project to get your feet wet!



  • 7–9 16–26 mm seashell charms
  • 23 mm circle bezel pendant
  • 20 mm decorative metal circle tag with crystal
  • 4 8 mm round pearls
  • 20–24 4–5 mm round or oval pearls
  • 4 11 mm bead caps
  • 6–7 in. (15–18 cm) chain, 9 mm links
  • 4 2-in. (5 cm) head pins
  • 16–20 1-in. (2.5 cm) eye pins
  • 13–15 9 mm jump rings or chain links
  • toggle clasp
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • ImpressArt metal alphabet stamps
  • brass hammer and bench block
  • paper image or 3-D component
  • two-part resin
  • craft glue or sealant
  • paintbrush
  • circle punch or scissors

Charms, bezel, decorative metal tag, bead caps, chain, and clasp from Nunn Design, 800.761.3557, Metal stamps and brass hammer from ImpressArt, 631.940.9530, Check your local bead store for supplies.



Seaside charm bracelet c1
Bead Unit
On a head pin, string an 8 mm pearl, a bead cap, and a 4–5 mm pearl. Make a wrapped loop. Make four bead units.
Seaside charm bracelet stamp
Stamped tag
Choose a word or phrase and plan the placement of each letter on a metal tag. On a bench block, position a metal stamp over the tag. Hold the stamp near its base and use a brass hammer to strike the stamp with one strong, precise stroke. Repeat for the remaining letters.



Why brass? 

ImpressArt’s metal stamping hammer is made specifically for stamping metal. The brass head is designed to prevent double impressions and protects the metal stamps so they’ll last longer.

Seaside charm bracelet b1
Bezeled charm: Step 1
Punch or cut out a 3⁄4-in. (1.9 cm) circular image. Adhere the image to a bezel. Use a paintbrush to apply a thin layer of glue or sealant over the image. Allow to dry.
Seaside charm bracelet b2
Bezeled charm: Step 2
Mix resin according to the manufacturer’s directions. Fill the bezel with resin and allow to cure overnight.
Bye-bye bubbles!

For the best curing results, place the resin-filled bezel under a gel-curing UV lamp or use a small heat gun (just be careful not to make waves in the resin). Applying heat brings the bubbles to the surface where they pop. 
seaside charm bracelet 1b
Step 1
Cut a 6–7-in. (15–18 cm) piece of chain with an odd number of links. Open a jump ring or chain link (How-Tos). Attach a shell charm and the center link of chain. Close the jump ring.
Seaside charm bracelet 2
Step 2
On each side of the center charm, use jump rings or chain links to attach the stamped tag and the bezel to the adjacent links. On each side, use a jump ring or chain link to attach a shell charm.
Seaside charm bracelet 3
Step 3
On each side, skip a link and use jump rings or chain links to attach two bead units and two or three shell charms, skipping a link between each. Check the fit, and remove links if necessary, leaving two empty links on each end.
seaside charm bracelet 4b
Step 4
To make a beaded chain: On an eye pin, string a 4–5 mm pearl and make a plain loop perpendicular to the first loop. Make 16 to 20 connectors.
Seaside charm bracelet 5
Step 5
Open a loop of each connector. Attach the connectors to each other, closing the loops as you go.
Seaside charm bracelet 6
Step 6
Open each end link of chain and attach an end loop of the beaded chain and half of a toggle clasp. Close the link.
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