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How to make four simple millefiori canes

Four simple Millifori canes

Bull’s eye (left): Make a clay “snake” and roll it in a sheet of a contrasting-color clay.

Jellyroll: Make 2-3 clay rectangles and use a roller to taper one end of each. Offset the tapered ends slightly and roll from the tapered end.

Checkerboard: Make 2 long, thick rectangles of contrasting color and layer them. Cut in half and layer again into a block of alternated colors – light, dark, light, dark. Roll lightly to meld the slices. Then slice the block crosswise into quarters. (The width of the slices should equal the thickness of the layers.) Flip slices 2 and 4 over so that the light stripe is now on the bottom and put them together.

Flower (right) (simplified from a pattern by Kathleen Dustin in Nan Roche’s The New Clay): 1. For the petal cane, begin with a log. Partially flatten a contrasting log, taper the ends, and roll it around half of the first log. Roll the two together. (If desired, add 1-2 more flattened, tapered logs over the top half of the cane and roll them all together.) Reduce and cut into 5 equal lengths.

2. For the center, make a plain log or a small jellyroll cane. You’ll also need 5 thin logs to fill in between the petals and to separate them.

3. Put the petals around the center, fill in between them with the thin logs and roll the cane in a sheet of the thin-log color. Squeeze, roll, and stretch to reduce the cane and to eliminate spaces and air pockets.

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