New GemDuo beads

Matubo, maker of the SuperDuo bead, has introduced a new bead called the GemDuo. It is very similar to the DiamonDuo bead, which came out about a year ago. Both beads are diamond-shaped with a flat bottom and two parallel holes.
DiamonDuo and GemDuo beads
The purple DiamonDuos have a more defined point on the face of the bead. The gold GemDuos have a softer bevel, which creates more of a ridge than a point.
Both beads claim to measure 8 x 5 mm, but the DiamonDuos seem to be slightly smaller (about ½ mm each way) than the GemDuos. The big difference between them is the top. DiamonDuos have four faces that come together to a center point, and GemDuos have a gently beveled top with slightly raised center ridge. You should be able to use either bead for most patterns that call for one or the other, but the slight size difference may make a difference in others.
DiamonDuo and GemDuo beads in a circle
DiamonDuos are on the left and GemDuos are on the right.
The GemDuo beads are available in 80 different colors and coatings including a new coating called Backlit. Backlit colors use vacuum coatings and chemistry to create a unique and vibrant effect. Look for GemDuos and DiamonDuos at a bead store near you!
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