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My favorite thread conditioner


Many stitching instructions call for using conditioned thread, especially when using nylon thread such as Nymo. There are several product choices to choose from – beeswax, microcrystalline wax, or products made specifically to treat thread such as Thread Heaven or Thread Magic.Unless you are an experienced beader or have taken a beginner stitching class, you might not be familiar with the proper method for conditioning thread. It’s really quite simple. 

To condition nylon thread, first gently stretch it to remove the curl (stretching is not required when using Fireline). Then just place the thread on top of the conditioning product, and while holding it down with your thumb, pull the thread over the top of the conditioner.

The various conditioning products have different attributes. They all help thread resist fraying and tangling. Wax smooths the nylon fibers while adding tackiness that will slightly stiffen your beadwork. Thread Heaven and Thread Magic are made specifically for thread conditioning. These products reduce thread drag and add a static charge that causes thread to repel itself, so you won't want to use these products with doubled thread.

Over the past year, Thread Magic has become my conditioner of choice. I love that extra static charge it produces because it means there is less likelihood the thread will tangle. But most of all, I love the container it comes in! The Thread Magic people knew exactly what they were doing when they designed the container. It has notches all around the container’s edge, which help guide the thread during the application process. You can see what I’m referring to in the photo. Microcrystalline wax usually comes in a little plastic container, and it can be a challenge to apply the wax while contained. I know many beaders just remove the wax from the plastic, but I’ve never been a fan of doing that. I always end up just cutting two notches in the plastic rim to make it more conducive for applying the wax. I guess you could say it's my DIY version of the nice, professional container the Thread Magic comes in!

I highly recommend giving these products a shot at conditioning your thread. Let me know if you find them as appealing as I do.

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