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How to Bead a Candy Corn Bracelet

Candy corn - with its distinct yellow, white, and orange pattern - is a favorite symbol of Halloween and everything we love about fall. This project allows you to capture that playful look in a pretty bracelet with St. Petersburg chain.


  • 2–3 grams each 11/0 seed beads in white, yellow and orange
  • 2 grams 8/0 black seed beads
  • 1 matching button
  • 4 yards 6lb. test Fireline or size D beading thread


Candy corn bracelet P01
Candy corn bracelet P02
1. Attach a stop bead to 2 yd. (1.8 m) of your favorite beading thread, leaving an 8-in. (20 cm) tail. Pick up six white 11/0 seed beads and slide them down. Carefully stitch up through the third and fourth seed beads added (PHOTO A), and pull snug to bring the beads into a little P shape.

2. Pick up one white seed bead, and stitch down through the top three beads from the stack that your thread is exiting (PHOTO B). Pull snug to lock the new bead in place.
Candy corn bracelet P03
Candy corn bracelet P04
3. Pick up one black size 8/0 bead, and stitch up through the two beads that were separated in Step 1 (PHOTO C).

4. Pick up two white and two orange 11/0 seed beads. Slide them down to the beadwork, then carefully stitch back up through the two new white beads (PHOTO D) and pull tight to form a new P shape with the orange beads standing out from the rest.
Candy corn bracelet P05
Candy corn bracelet P06
5. Pick up one white seed bead, and sew down through the top three seed beads in the stack your thread is exiting (PHOTO E). Pick up one black 8/0, and stitch up through the new orange beads.

6. Add two stitches with all orange beads, followed by a stitch of half orange, half yellow (PHOTO F). Add a new black 8/0 at the end of each stitch as usual.
Candy corn bracelet P07
Candy corn bracelet P08
7. Add one stitch of all yellow, followed by half yellow and half white (PHOTO G). Continue the pattern until the chain is about 1 in. (2.5 cm) short of the desired length. Finish with an 8/0 bead, and set the chain aside. Do not weave in the threads.

8. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to begin a new chain. Instead of picking up a new 8/0 bead, carefully stitch up through the first 8/0 of the previous chain, and through the two white beads of the new chain to complete the stitch (PHOTO H). 
Candy corn bracelet P09
Candy corn bracelet P12
9. Continue adding stitches following the same pattern, connecting the two chains by the 8/0 beads (PHOTO I).

10. When you reach the end of the new chain, pick up six to eight seed beads, your button, and the same number of seed beads. Stitch down into the final stitch of the first chain (PHOTO J) and pull tight. Sew through the button connection twice more to add strength, secure the remaining thread in the beadwork, and trim.
Candy corn bracelet P13
Candy corn bracelet lead
11. Remove the stop beads from the start of both chains, and string an 8/0 bead onto both threads. With one thread, pick up 30–35 seed beads — enough to make a loop that will fit around your button. Stitch back through the 8/0 bead and into the next chain (PHOTO K). Weave in the remaining thread, and trim. Weave the second thread through the loop before securing it in the beadwork.

This bracelet is very lightweight, and is a great piece to layer with other bracelets! Try making a bunch in your favorite fall palettes!

1. To make your own button, thread a needle on 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread, and leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail, sew through a 6 mm round black bead twice to create two thread bridges around the bead. 

2. Sewing under the thread bridges, work a round of brick stitch using white 11/0s until you have a ring around the 6 mm. To complete the ring, sew down through the first white 11/0, under the adjacent thread bridge, and back out through the first 11/0. 

3. Continue in brick stitch to work one more round of white 11/0s and two rounds of orange 11/0s, increasing as needed.

4. For the final round, pick up two yellow 11/0s, sew under the nearest thread bridge, and sew through the second bead just added, going in the same direction as when you picked it up. This will cause the beads to sit perpendicular to the previous round. Repeat this stitch around the ring, and then sew through all the yellow 11/0s again to smooth out the round. End the threads. 

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