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A beaded Christmas in July


As you may know, in magazine publishing, we are always working about six months in the future in order to accommodate printing, binding, and shipping schedules. Not to mention the fact that at some point in the history of magazine production, the standard for bi-monthly magazines like ours became established that if the date on the cover says December, it actually goes to the printer in early October so as to be on store shelves in early November. And so here it is July and we are, naturally, working on Christmas projects! In addition to our December issue, we are also currently working on a special holiday issue, called Beaded Ornaments & Jewelry, which is due to be released in late October. 

I love the holidays and adore making ornaments, so I’m really excited about this issue, even though it has been a monumental effort to get it underway! When we decided to do this issue, I knew right away that even though most of the projects will be by external designers, I wanted to make some bead-embroidered woodland critters. So I made this little fox, which will be joined by a bird, a bear, and a fawn. I’m happy that I’ll be able to have these on my tree this year!
One of my favorites of the submitted designs is this cool 3-D star by Claudia Cattaneo (above, left). It’s not actually all that hard — it’s a series of triangles stitched together — but it makes  a really impressive piece. And these lovely snowflake earrings by Cara and Lane Landry (above, right) are elegantly simple, and I love that they also show you how to use the same idea to make a pendant and an ornament. Three projects in one!

It’s not all stitching, of course. We want to be sure to present a range of techniques and skill levels, such as this sweet stamped ornament (above, left) by Lisa Niven Kelly of Beaducation. Now, stamping hasn’t always come easy to me, but I think I’ll be able to do this one! I love how Lisa used birds and stars to make a garland for the tree. And this polymer clay pendant/ornament by Diane Jolie (above, right) is really neat – I plan to make a whole bunch of these!

All in all, there will be more than 20 projects, so this is just a small sampling of what’s to come. I love that there will be a lot of different styles to choose from. If you want to pre-order the issue, you can find it here. Or look for it on newsstands in October!
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