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Cuffs and rings: We make them, we wear them, and we love them. But superheroes depend on them. When superheroes fly around saving the world, they don’t have time to accessorize for fashion’s sake. Their jewelry choices are strictly necessity based. I’ve collected a group of ingenious jewelry pieces worn by some of my favorite superheroes and compared them to pieces I’ve made, could make, or would love to make.
WonderWoman’s Power Trio
The first champion who comes to mind is Wonder Women. In her homeland she was an Amazonian princess, trained in combat and named Princess Diana of Themyscira. In America, she went by Diana Prince and donned the red-white-and blue when fighting for the Justice League. Wonder Woman had some of the best accessories. Her arsenal trio included two bullet-repellent cuffs, a boomerang tiara, and a lie-detector lariat [her concept creator, William Marston, invented the polygraph machine]. On occasion, Wonder Woman also wore power rings and grenade earrings.
Wonder Women always arrives with her Lasso of Truth, boomerang tiara, and Bracelets of Submission when crime fighting. The cuffs, forged from the shield of Zeus, give the ability to shoot lightning blasts, plus deflect bullets.
Anodized Distressed Aluminum Cuff
Summon your artistic powers when making this Anodized & Distressed Aluminum Cuff, by Lizz Barnes.
Wonder Twins’ Rings
The Wonder Twins are a brother-and-sister team who invoke their powers by fist punching their rings together and chanting: “Wonder Twin powers activate!” Sister Jayna morphs into any animal, while her brother, Zan, transforms into any form of water. These extraterrestrial twins, from the planet Exxor, fight with the Super Friends, demonstrating that immigrants get things done.
The Wonder Twins’ powers comes with strings attached; they needed their rings and they needed to be close enough to touch the two rings together.
Hollow form silver ring_hero
While the Wonder Twins' rings have a J or Z set in a triangle, I prefer this Hollow-Form Silver Ring, by Nanz Aalund, with a simple spiral symbol.
The Rings of Captain Planet’s Planeteers
Does anyone remember Captain Planet? This buff superhero went around fighting crimes targeted against the environment and mind pollution – hate crimes. He is summoned when five teenagers from around the globe activate their rings. For the big guy to appear, Kwame from Africa, Wheeler from North America, Linka from the Soviet Union [my kids find this hilarious since the term is obsolete], Gi from Asia, and Ma-Ti from South America hold up their rings and say: “Let our powers combine.” No fist punching needed.
Captainplanet and the planeteers
The Planeteers’ rings allow the teens temporary control over one of the four elements — earth, fire, wind, and water — plus heart, and, together, they can summon the pun-spewing Captain Planet.
Hollow window box ring
If Captain Planet had a ring, I think he would like this Hollow Window-Box Ring, by Maria Apostolou, complete with a pinch of moss.
Power Up
While these jewelry projects will not grant you super powers, they will make you feel good while crafting them, make you feel proud when you complete them, and make you look good when wearing them. The act of making jewelry empowers us all.
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