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Election beading patterns

2016 election beading patterns
Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Oops, I mean elephants, donkeys, and beads. No, it’s not the circus (though you might be excused if you see some small similarity) – it’s election season! I thought I’d get in on the action in a beady way by designing these elephant and donkey earrings. The elephant, as the symbol of the Republican Party, is done up in red, and the democratic donkey is stitched in blue, both to reflect the corresponding party’s color affiliation.
If you’re interested in showing your allegiance to one of our candidates, here are the patterns. I designed them in brick stitch and I actually stitched these during the debate the other night, so if you look closely, you’ll see a few areas where I deviated a bit from the pattern – guess I got a little distracted! Each pattern is made up of three shades of the appropriate hue – a dark, a medium, and a light shade – plus black for the eye(s) (and the nostril on the donkey).
donkey pattern
Because brick stitch naturally decreases, I like to work from the widest part of a pattern. So for the donkey, I started by working the fourth row from the bottom in ladder stitch and then I worked toward the top of the pattern in brick stitch. I worked each ear separately and then sewed back through the beadwork to finish off the two bottom sections, increasing and decreasing as needed.
elephant pattern
For the elephant, I started in the seventh row from the top in ladder and then stitched the top of the head in decreasing brick stitch. To complete the pattern, I sewed back to the ladder row and worked the bottom of the pattern. One cool thing about brick stitch is how you can add beads in various different ways when needed. For instance, I worked only three beads across for the bottom two rows of the trunk to begin with and then I added the last bead in the bottom row in ladder stitch, which gave me another thread path where I could anchor the extra two beads in the row above. After I got that row done, I was able to finish off the curve of the trunk with ease.

To complete my earrings, I made a loop at the top of each one and attached an ear wire.

I hope you’ll make a pair of your favorite to display your party allegiance. Or make one of each and confuse everyone!
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