2019 Summer Jewelry Trends

Six ways to make or buy your way to this season's hottest looks for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more!


From boardwalk to runways, earrings hang low as necklaces ride up high. Let’s take a look at the six prevailing trends from this summer.



Shell components

Does this trend transport you to middle school or summer camp?  Regardless of the throwback feel, shells are big this season on casual bracelets, high-riding chokers, and necklaces that intersperse them on long beaded strands. Find finished pieces sold through various vendors, such as this one from Three Bird Nest, or make your own with a FREE Facet project.



Unconventional chokers

Speaking of chokers, if shells aren't your thing, then try a more flamboyant approach. On the Paris runway this past spring, models were seen rocking chokers — from metallic semi circles to thick beaded straps. Find this sleek metal version from Orchard Mile, or stitch this unconventional choker, FREE on Facet, which is sure to appeal to the Game of Thrones crowd. 



Coin Accents

You’ll see coins incorporated in all kinds of jewelry this summer season. With coins losing pocket space to electronic versions of payment, we are instantly nostalgic for that jingle-jangle sound and charming round shape. Find coin charms as focal points on streamlined necklaces from numerous stores, such as this one from Nordstrom, or make this clever coin ring available FREE on Facet.



Chunky chain links and charms

This summer, both supermodels and super-trendy individuals are wearing chunky chains. For added weight, include large, oversized charms! Find these chunky styles in necklaces, earrings, and belts at J.Crew or in projects on Facet. 



Initial Charms

The Dutchess of Sussex donned a delicate necklace early this summer. The necklace had a single “A,” dangling as a center piece. The “A,” of course, was a celebration of her newborn baby boy, Archie. The simple display spawned a fashion frenzy. Find a variety of styles from various stores, such as this Kate Spade necklace from Macy’s, or learn to stamp your own charm necklaces with our FREE online tutorial on Facet.



Braided bracelets

If you didn’t get enough friendship braids during your youth, or if you just crave layers of colorful bands, then you are in luck. Braided bracelets are back and as big as ever. Check out the options sold by Pura Vida, or learn to make your own by following a video with steps to make a 4-stand braid on Facet.



What will you make or buy to keep the summer fun going? Share your terrific trends on Facebook.com/BeadAndButton.

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