Peace, Love, and Understanding Tibetan Beads

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As many of us search for light in the darkness of today’s world, we look to ancient wisdom for guidance. We turn to meditation, sacred temples, and herbal remedies for healing and clarity. As beaders, we infuse our designs with meaningful charms, talismans, and religious symbols. For many of us that includes Tibetan beads, which are said to bring luck, harmony, and peace to the wearer. 

Tibet beads
Wearing an Om bead or charm brings peace to the wearer by connecting to the universe's harmony.
Most Tibetan beads are actually crafted in Nepal. Many of the artists who craft these beads are refugees, or descendants of refugees, who fled Tibet when Chinese forces invaded in the 1950s. The beads produced in Nepal reflect a rich blend of religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim, Kirant, and Bon. That is why you’ll see Yin and Yang next to Om beads.
Create a calming composition by incorporating Tibetan beads into your next beaded creation.
Touching the words of the mantra on a prayer wheel, such as this pendant wheel, offers healing properties from blessings.
Om beads have the Sanskrit symbol for “Om” centered on the bead. In simple terms, Om is the sound, or vibration, that the universe makes as the planets travel through space. The sacred sound is the first syllable of the mantra: Om mani padme hum, known as the true sound of truth. To wear an Om bead is to connect physically with the mantra, which helps create focus and self-transformation. Touching or wearing a prayer wheel with the mantra connects you to billions of prayers – from all who connect to the mantra – and radiates love and healing.
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Searching for Tibetan beads will energize you, as it feels like you’re shopping at an old-world bazaar.
Common materials used in Tibet beads include turquoise and coral, or dyed bamboo coral. The blue turquoise symbolizes the sea and the sky to some people, and infinity and limitless ascension to others. Coral represents passion, gifts from the ocean, and eternal foundation. It is also associated with good fortune, protective qualities, and longevity.
For a unique world-vibe, try incorporating Tibetan beads into your beading.
Tibetan beads are readily found online from general bead suppliers to specialty importers, such as Dharmashop to Mr. Karma, of Karma Arts & Craft. He sells at bead shows across America, and happily shares his traditions and insights. Whether you embrace the symbolism associated with the beads or simply like the world-vibe, Tibetan jewelry offers a world of possibility.
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