Beaded spring flowers

Beaded spring flowers

I love spring, and for most of us, it’s right around the corner. I love to see the flowers emerging from the ground, but here in Wisconsin, it’s sometimes through the snow.

Simple beaded flowers are always fun and easy to make, and you have the added benefit of enjoying them year round! With so many bead shapes and colors out there, the possibilities are endless. The flowers that I made represent just a sample of the beads that you can use, depending on the size and style of the flower that you want to make. This is a great way to use up some of your stash, or to try a new bead shape.

To make the flowers, I made a ring of the petal beads, and added a crystal, round bead, or seed bead to the center. The number of beads in the ring depends on the style of bead used. The beads should lay flat with little space between them when sewn into a ring. If desired, attach your flowers to a peyote stitch or right-angle weave base for a colorful garden palette.

Here are the flowers that I created and the beads I used in my flowers. What can you grow from your stash?

Dagger flower
Dagger flower (43 mm)
18 5 x 16 mm ChechMates two-hole dagger beads with a 14 x 8 mm dome bead center.
Pear flower
Pear flower (34 mm)
5 12 x 16 mm pear-shaped drop bead with a 6 mm pearl center
Small dagger flower
Small dagger flower (26 mm)
15 3 x 10 mm dagger bead with a 6 mm pearl center
Zoliduo flower
Zoliduo flower (19 mm)
9 5 x 8 mm left Zoliduo beads with a 4 mm round bead center
Mini dagger flower
Mini dagger flower (16 mm)
11 2.5 x 6 mm mini dagger beads with a 4 mm round bead center
Pip flower
Pip flower (17 mm)
6 5 x 7 mm Pip beads with a 4 mm round bead center
Spiky flower
Spiky flower (13 mm)
5 4.5 x 6.5 mm spiky button beads with a 4 mm round bead center
Teardrop flower
Teardrop flower (16 mm)
8 6 x 4 mm tear drop beads with a 4 mm round bead center
Gekko flower
Gekko flower (13 mm)
8 3 x 5 mm Gekko beads with a 4 mm bicone crystal center
SuperUno flower
SuperUno flower (12 m)
8 2.5 x 5 mm SuperUno beads with an 8/0 seed bead center
Drop flower
Drop flower (9 mm)
7 3.4 mm drop bead with an 8/0 seed bead center
Pip bead flower bracelet
Pip bead flower bracelet
Here is a project by Kerrie Slade that incorporates peyote stitch and Pip beads to make a quick and easy bracelet.

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