Learn something new at Master Classes

Students in the stitching master class last year had plenty of space to arrange their tools and supplies.
I have had the privilege of taking three stitching Master Classes while at Bead&Button. Each of them has been very different in how they are conducted by the teacher but that makes the class more interesting and full of surprises. The one thing in common though, is I learn something new each time. It may be a new stitch, learning the process and mathematics behind a beading technique, how to work different design components into your piece, or how to look for inspiration from the world around you. It’s always different, but always informative and exciting. 

Master Class teachers are very experienced and have been beading and teaching for many years. Because class sizes are not too large, there is plenty of time to get individual help and guidance from the teacher. In stitching Master Classes, there is typically not a certain project to make, but it’s more of a designing opportunity. You get to explore the techniques that are being taught while creating something that is uniquely your own.
Enjoying a meal with fellow students is a great way to form connections.
Master Classes are a great way to meet beaders from around the world and because you are together for three days, you get to know the other students better than in a regular class. In the classes I've been in, there have been 4-5 students per table, which made it easy to get to know the other students while providing lots of room to spread out without feeling crowded. During work time in class, it’s fun to walk around the room and see what other people are creating. It’s a very relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Another great way to meet students from any of the Master Classes is during breakfast and lunch breaks. Breakfast and lunch are included with the class and are phenomenal. I love the fresh baked (and still warm) cookies after lunch! It’s fun to mingle with students and teachers from other Master Classes and hear about what they are doing and learning. 

Master Classes are a unique experience that you just can’t get during a regular class. From meeting fellow Master Class students on the bus, to the one-on-one time and expertise you get from your teacher, to the new and lasting friendships being formed, a Master Class is the best way to start off your week at the Bead&Button Show. Learn more about what classes are available at BeadandButtonShow.com.

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